Micro-tales of the Ultra-Peculiar

Cosmic Peculiarities: Earth is stranger than the Divine ID (Interdimensional) universe Local Legends and Myths Local Legends and Myths that come pretty close to the real stories they are based on. Maybe the reality is even funkier than the fictional children born out of it. These babies, ooh, these babes...They are sooo wacky, they serve … Continue reading Micro-tales of the Ultra-Peculiar

Ganja Dream; Up in Smoke.

Marijuana Paradise; a beautiful tragedy. Someone shouted my name. It woke me up, feeling stressed and scared. Normally that doesn't happen, and normally she doesn't sound like this. At first I didn't even recognize her voice. I got up quickly, and went outside to see what's up. A forest fire! Leave the cave, now! But … Continue reading Ganja Dream; Up in Smoke.