Holy text from Terence Mckenna

If you are interested in language, philosophy, alchemy, history, technology, future theory and magic you are in for a treat here: https://youtu.be/J5yOaTgWu6Y?t=2421 I've been devouring a mystical improvised message from Terence Mckenna. This is what I call a true holy text. Straight from up there, channeled down here, or whatever you wish to call it. … Continue reading Holy text from Terence Mckenna

Consciousness, Creativity and Happiness

A sudden thought came to me. Maybe as we evolved out of the animal kingdom, our creativity developed alongside our consciousness. Or perhaps the other way around. And now it seems like we ran our of creativity, and modern humanity is living on the creations of our ancestors. In other words, we produce less and … Continue reading Consciousness, Creativity and Happiness