Holy text from Terence Mckenna

If you are interested in language, philosophy, alchemy, history, technology, future theory and magic you are in for a treat here: https://youtu.be/J5yOaTgWu6Y?t=2421 I've been devouring a mystical improvised message from Terence Mckenna. This is what I call a true holy text. Straight from up there, channeled down here, or whatever you wish to call it. … Continue reading Holy text from Terence Mckenna

Everything is Possible: Enjoying the Matrix

Last night I watched the Matrix. The last time I saw it was before I started to explore other realms of reality and states of consciousness. It was time to refresh my memory. Everything is possible. I really believe that. A lot of things are impossible too. There's no contradiction here. It's human nature to … Continue reading Everything is Possible: Enjoying the Matrix

Kundalini and spiritual awakening

This article is to explain what kundalini is in my experience, and the experiences of so called masters who can awaken this kundalini energy in others with a single touch. I found that nearly every video I saw about kundalini is actually about spiritual awakening. In fact, they are completely different things. I think that … Continue reading Kundalini and spiritual awakening