Surreal Ride of a Synchronistic Night

After work, Daniel and I went to a ganja shop. It was already late. He said that they look for someone to take care of some plants, and since I would love to do that, Daniel said he could introduce me.

There was a dark skinned young man with beautiful long dread locks behind the counter. We said hello and talked a bit about the job. Not even 10 minutes later he gave me four grams of legal cbd-weed, a scale and a dutch simcard to start working straight away.

It all felt like a dream to me. He wanted me to sell this cbd weed, which has no function when smoked, as normal weed, which is psychoactive and gets you high or stoned. Basically he wanted me to rip people of. I didn’t really think about it at first. I felt like none of this was really happening. I just went along with this deep flow I felt.

We called with the big boss Sam, and he told me to join Franz- the young man behind the counter-, to come to his house later that night.

One friend of mine runs a cbd edible company, so I told Sam that they might be able to help each other out. The shop needs products and my friend can deliver. That’s how I talked myself into this awesome little dream.

I knew I was manipulating them, but it was spontanious and for a good reason. I felt like a child who won the golden ticket to enter Charlie’s Chocolate Factory.

Only we were dealing with psychedelic candy for adults.

On our way back home, Daniel and I talked about my new job and some other random magical things. I visualized myself in the streets, trying to spot tourists to hustle. I told Daniel:

There’s only one question to ask myself. ‘Would I sell this to a friend?’ Never would I sell cbd weed for ten euro’s a gram to a friend. It is great quality, but simply not made for smoking.

Later that night I went back to Franz to tell him I can’t do it. Daniel joined me. First we quickly fixed his bicycle. His dogs followed us all the way. He had a very nice sounding bell. As we rode around in town, Daniel made some funny circles in the middle of a public square where he normally begs. People laughed, and me too, this sight of him on his bicycle and his dogs running in circles behind him, energized me. Ring ring. Ring ring!

Fortunately Franz had no problem with me saying no to the job. We said we would meet again at 2 o’clock at night at the shop to go to Sam’s house.

Or more accrately;
Sam’s Penthoue Mansion.

A few days before Daniel told me that Sam told him that he is an ex-mercenary. He just got out of prison. He served 15 years…

In the time gap Daniel and I had before meeting up with the big boss, we strolled around town. One african kid I played footbal with, said hello. I know these kids and they somehow accept me in their little gang. He tried to sell some weed to Daniel. He said no, and then he gave it for free.

As we walked I started to built a joint. A few hundred meters later we met two very cool guys. One of them spoke dutch and lived all around europe like me, and the other was super intelligent and very interesting to me. Both seemed young, yet on the ball and wise. The smart kid knew the chemical formula I have tattooed on my hand.

The frst person who knew straight away it is the chemcal structure for psilosybin, or magic mushrooms. He told me about his first joint, and his trip that was very similar to my frst trip ever, on hash.

So many connections in such a short time. I was amazed and felt full alive. I checked the time because I had an appointment with Franz at two. We had to go back to the shop, so we said goodbye and left.

We followed franz to Sam’s house. Daniel on his bicycle. Three dogs following him. One lost puppy. One tall and dark skinned young man, and me, a skinny, tall white boy with a black hat and purple shorts.

What an image that must have been.

We entered Sam’s place. He is a big bald guy, full of tattoos. I felt that he wanted his space, so I sat down on my own. He lived in a huge penthouse with at least a four meter high white ceiling in the shape of multiple arcs.

His flatscreen was as wide as I am tall and there was a automatic fridge I know only from TV.

The couch was massive and beige, like from a cheesy porn movie. Soon I felt at ease. I sat comfortably on the couch, in awe of the mansion I found myself in.

An older, good looking woman massaged Sam’s shoulders. He gave Daniel some heroine to smoke. I just went for a joint, which was incredible. What a trip, I thought to myself.

At one point Sam whispered something to Daniel, and they went to another room. I stood up to follow them, but soon realized they had a private moment. Later Daniel told me that Sam showed him his secret layer, to hide from the police. The amazing part is, that I know it’s true.

…We chilled and we spoke, mostly about the current state of the world. I was so excited to hear the truth coming from another mind, spoken by a totally different being. I was surprised how conscious Sam is…

He blasted a backing track through his expensive speaker system, and started ro rap. It seemed like he improvised it on the fly. It was so good. My whole body vibrated. I felt him like a warrior. I felt like a warrior.

I dont know how much of what he told about himself is true. I know for sure that no way in hell he makes enough money with his legal ganja and sex shop which he opened very recently, to pay for this penthouse.

I asked for water. Instead he said hello to his robot fridge and pulled out a coke.

What a dream, what a scene.

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