Dear Magical Journal – Sicily Streetlife

This morning – like nearly every day since I am in this junkstar enterprize – I wipe clean the battlefield people leave behind at night. Broken glass, rotting food, animal bones and yes, even plastic.

About 30 minutes ago I saved a duck who was stuck in a tree right around the corner. The neighbor called one of us, because he and his mates were watching the duck, and laughing about the situation.

I was not in the mood to save anybody, not even myself, and I was just preparing a coffee. Not even a pat on the back. No thank you, nothing.

But, squeech squeech, the duck from one of the alcoholics here is fine now. Yesterday the often drunk and dreaming owner – Sascha, lost squeech squeech. He accused Mustafa of stealing and selling squeech squeech to buy his drugs. This, in retrospect, makes a lot of sense, since I am pretty sure he stole money and my long papers last night.

It’s a bit weird to live with these crazy people – knowing that they can steal from me any day. Somehow I feel they respect me. I give them a lot of my energy, time and love, so they won’t easily piss on me. But, when they do, like last night, I put them back in their rightful place of disgust, mold, poison and death.

…Not my piece of cake…

I am the only sane person here who takes care. The only one who is not enslaved by self-generated addictions, like money, alcohol and cigarettes. Where are the others, I wonder. Where did all the sanity go? Where are the adults, the wise witches, artists, poets, freedom warriors, Man of Earth, love ninja’s and Jesus Jedi’s?

Maybe I go alone to nature, to reconnect with my highest good. I had beautiful visions before I came here. Clairvoyant Sight is amazing. After about 12 years of conscious exploration and practice I finally did it. The feeling was incredible. I was shown things behind the veil of maya and beyond predesigned core patterns of our world. Soul dynamics, the workings of planets and our prehistoric past to name a few.

I need to be alone. Here that’s not really possible. Right now is the first moment I am sort of alone. It’s great. The rest is probably sleeping or taking drugs somewhere, but now I am free of that. Now I write and now I sit down and enjoy my coffee.

Amen Suckers.
Peace and Love Hippies
See you later Aligator
See u in Heaven,
Meet you in Hell
Crack em up Brohs and Ho’s.
To infinity and Beyond!

Much love, clarity and the right path,
Lester Nilson

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