the Light of Truth

…The best things in life are often found in the darkest places…

Fear keeps us from the light. Light is deep within Darkness.

…Dying often shows one the light because it is embedded in the darkness that we create. Darkness deceits the light within and without. Only the light of pure awareness is truthful and has the power to obliterate illusion.

…To Love is hard simply because most of us are born in dark places filled with masks of illusion and personality. We are buried in our own darkness. If it was not our own before, we took it upon ourselves because we did not know better…

The death of the person is the birth of man.

The ego gravitates towards darkness for ‘the person’ tends to remember merely the worst of the worst.

To conform is a great sin against ones light – inside within and outside without -. Conform to what?

Think hard…Conform to what?,

You know.

Conform to darkness and illusion, which are one and the same.

When you truly understand this and fully embody it, you see truth inside the darkest of all things. This way everything you touch is instilled with value. Only touch when you know it is truly right, when ones inner flame remains or even expands.. Discernment is the way to sustain the light of truth. Very few know truth. Far too many dwell in stories of fiction.

Fiction can be powerful white magic, only when you are able to discern truth from fiction and keep your own little flame burning alive.

The more you know, the more is revealed to be uncertain. Risk is one of few certainties. Risk of bad and destructive consequences. Experiences and actions that block or even cut of parts from ones awareness.

Knowing one thing is a great start. Knowing that the light never lies is a wonderful base to lift off from. The light terifies people simply because it obliterates the stories they mistake for reality. It is our convictions that empower that which is truly destructive and blasphemous.

Blasphemy is a crime against the light of truth.

Purification heals the worst of all wounds. Purification opens the gates we created within, or – blindly accepted and took upon our self – from without.

A clear and conscious body-mind together with open heart is the cure for an overpowered ego. An overpowered ego owns and territorizes. The ego ought to aid ones life – to care for ones self and when possible – for others. Everything outside of that ought to be outside the ego’s influence.

Free your mind. No fear. Only light. Only Love.

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