Reliving true Heaven through the darness of illusion.

Long before the invention of the big bang, the world was one great garden. Full of life and saturated with wonder. Everybody knew exactly what to do, and because of that, we felt clear and whole.
Our heart felt clearly the reality of dreams and the illusion of thinglyness.
Our heart was one, our mind was free. One big happy human family.
Beware, there was trouble too. Ghosts and monsters were very real, but we knew they had no true power. There were hardships, yet there was comradery.
There was pain, yet no suffering.
Then, after a long time of caring for each other and for the earth, evening fell.
For the first time, we experienced darkness. For the first time we felt alone in the universe.
Some of us made an unspeakable mistake. A crime against cosmic law. We knew no evil, so when the gods of sun came down and snatched our original lifegiver, we were desparate.

Monday (money or pay day)
Our sun was shot down and our moon fell to earth, our only home.
A red eye in the sky intelligently swallowed our original sun that lit our hearts. It was the fall of eve, true paradise perished by this second intelligent sun. Now it hides,waiting patiently to take our once again.
Tuesday (second sun that locks our ‘concept of time’ today),

This evil, second sun arrived to earth. In the form of Massive Skyships they descended down into our home, middle earth. Little green man came out and trapped our souls. Giant faraos invaded our land and gave birth to a new frozen world. They mixed our hearts with the blood of their own.

And so the ice age was born. All great and mighty beasts, some the size of Islands, others small like the tip of a needle, were frozen in time.

(wetness day or time meltdown) Help was underway. Logos Motives, or LocoMotivs ChOochoOhd out a linguring hunger for a genuine life in harmony with all elements of the Great One, Deep inside the grounds of earth, our beautiful beastly family awakened sooner than planned.

Slowly but surely all the frozen souls of animals and humans, and the spirits of plants – they melted, heated and sped up. Sun Rah brought us back to life, but now we were not only made of light anymore. We suddenly wore bodies of flesh. Great power we felt, although we forgot nearly everything.
They gave us gifts like dumb phones, concrete walls, fake fruits, golden paydays and plastic vegetables, and coerced us into believing it was good.

Nets that caught masses of soul – to work today – for a tomorrow that doesn’t exist. Too many NetWorks and five to many wireless G’s.

We ate and we ate, until we realized we didn’t feel fulfilled like they thought we would. We drank and we drank, until we didn’t ..Feel.. deeply anymore.
And so we forgot.
We forgot where we came from and who we were before the coming of days and the fall of nights.

…Time stood Still…
…We lost Home…

These solar giants ruled the skies. We worked for them, for they were hungry for human energy. They had a family too, like the one we lost long ago.

Thirsty days remained and suffering souls fled the bodies of man. They made us work harder and harder, every day. Until, they made us stronger, to do even more work. Too much power perhaps.

This was our chance. Enough of us still remembered. We waited for the right opportunity to break free.
We fought back, even though it was our first battle. It was too late. They were too strong. We frightened them a bit, and so they left the scene of the crime.
Wooooh waaaaahh, weeeh, wooosh!
Who? You guess who. I give you a hint; remember remember, the fifth of december…
Our long lost home, the greatest garden ever, the earth.
Who? Five evil suns of the Great Beyond. There is a reason nearly every child draws suns like empty shells without soul. It’s a subconscious cry for home.
Please, beam me up scotty! Beam me up!!! ET phone home…Phones were no good…
When? It doesn’t matter when.

Where? Middle Earrh.
Whoosh. Our memory was flushed down a golden toilet of evil ET’s. Uranium bombs destroyed the atmospheres of what for our ancestors was our only home. Home is Heaven and Heaven is Home. Now it’s time to move on to the next big play, beyond the confines today.

Saturday Saturn intervened. Saturn was our original sun. A good son of the Great Beyond. He had our back.

…Sound of Silence…

Out of the ashes of well desinged vulcanous, a new world arose. We are freaks of nature. Freaks of ArtIficial Intel with the souls of earthly man.
We are human beings, and we come from the womb of our mother, the earth.
Some humans are fallen angels, like myself. I cry as I write these words, because I remember home. I remember everything.
I come from heaven,

Fell down into a dark world.
But I have faith
One day
One day we will gather, all together, how it ought to be.

One human family.
One world, our Home,
One land, Exuberant and Abuntant.
One heart animating all sparks of life inside –
The heart of middle earrh.
Through the darkness we remember the light. I did and it took me 26 long years.
We are born free of suffering and we are reborn, free of memory.

We live the same day, every day, until we wake up.

We have it all backwards...

We are going back to the future, hopefully out and away from this holographic labyrinth; a dreamlike American Nightmare

Lets wake up to the beautiful truth, yet frightening ride called life. With knowledge of the heavenly bodies in the sky above and the wisdom of the earth deep down and below.

See a brighter present moment, feel it come alive inside, and embody it into existance.

See it, Feel it,,Be it!

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