My thanks to Daniel Kelley

Author, Poet, Veiler, Father & Husband, Creative Genius, Musician, Seeker of Truth, Conscious Sleeper, Advanced Lucid Dreamer and Novice Astral Projector. I am tempted to say he’s got it all, but I don’t know that for sure, because unfortunately we haven’t met in person yet.

I feel very grateful to have encountered him on the line, through the interlectical dark webzzz. I believe I saw a comment or post from him in a lucid dreaming group on facebook. It sounded to me like he was trying to sell his spiritual mumbo jumbo, so I responded, telling him what I thought. Not long after I realized I couldn’t be more wrong. Later I order his book ‘behind the veil’, which didn’t arrive in the mail due to international delivery difficulties, so I asked him if he could send me a digital copy of it. Since I payed for it and we had some very interesting conversations, I thought it wouldn’t be too much to ask.

He didn’t have the digital file anymore, so instead, he bought his own ebook because that was the only way to give it to me. This was right before a holiday, perhaps Christmas or new years eve, I don’t remember. If I ever get to chance to fly all the way across the world to meet him, I would take it any day. To me he seems like a great guy and for sure a pioneer in the field of conscious sleep, dreaming, astral projection, energy work, and like most visionaries, I think he is way ahead of his time. I wish he gets the recognition he deserves, so he can quit his backbreaking job as a carpenter and spend much more time on his family and groundbreaking spiritual work.

Bless you Daniel.

Check out his latest work here: behind the veil!

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