Birth of the world

In the beginning all was very fine mind. So fine that the great everything was untouchable. No form, not even space – Something that can’t be named. Words like energy, spirit and god don’t do it justice.

Then, a small miracle changed everything. Not knowing how or when, beyond linear location – out of this perfect freedom was born a conscious observer.

‘IT’ invoked a kind of condensation process, perhaps ‘IT’ was this process. An interdimensional condensation transformed all raw formless energy into slow moving matter. From high above in abstract realms, all the way down to a dense world of flesh, both death and alive. Geometries, colors and sounds simultaniousle danced and sang the world into being. It is still doing that. Perhaps it always did and it always will.

Time flies in paradise, yet comfort disempowers the soul. The soul from way up in a higher kind of mind, came down to earth where things move slow and exist within an eternal dream we call life or the world. From whence we came, I believe we were completely free. One with everything, in nothingness and everythingness…

The unnamable, I wish to name it, but I can’t. The unspeakable, I wish to share it, but it’s incredibly difficult. One day, I promised myself, I will be free again. I believe we are all in it together. To be enlightened one must enlighten all beings.

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