Word Magic – Excerpt of my upcoming book about magic (See it, feel it, be it)

Magic, when it was still a part of the general worldview, was called the Art. Hence terms like the dark arts or magical arts. Magic and Art are, – according to Alan Moore, (the greatest prophetic comic book poet ever), – interchangeable, or even the exact same thing. Casting a spell, or simply put; ‘spelling’ is a magical rite used to create and project illusions onto other minds. Words like Cursing and Cursive seem to be related. Curse words are black magical spells that often inflict much more harm on ourselves and others than most of us dare to realize. The word Rite is embedded in the word Write. The word World and Word appear to be connected as well. First there was the word, and the word was made flesh. Your word is your wand. Blessings, Prayers of Genuine Gratitude and Healing Words are as real as can be, and many people use them everyday to heal themselves and each other. On the other hand, people too often abuse the power of curse words to shoot energetical poison at each other.

Magic rules the world.

Language is used to manipulate and control people and the world we live in. A major force that’s used to keep people in the same insane consensus dream is language. Words crystallize laws, shape culture and change people’s minds all the time. You are what you think and you are what you worship. Worship means work-ship, so those who work for the system, worship, and at one point become it. As long as so many people believe in social rules, artificial laws and the misinformation from the media, this destructive system keeps exercising power over people and keeps running the world back into the ground.

When you have influence over people’s minds, what’s really happening is that they hand over their authority to you. It’s not black and white enough to simply say that there are victims and oppressors. The lines are hard to draw, because there are no true borders in between a world that Is truly whole. Holy appears to mean whole, wholesome or ‘as a whole’. The name of god is unknown, because once you know his name you have power over him, and no one can be in that position but god. In archaic times, when people were more sensitive and mindfully living in the eternal present, they didn’t really know someone until they taught you to pronounce and say their name. Names of people were more like energetical configurations and the emphasis was on the feeling, the rhythm and other immaterial elements of the person that carries it. Hence old terminology like ‘carrying names’. It’s something you have with you all the time, because it’s part of you; it is you. You and your true name are inseparable. Saying someone’s true name was a powerful magical act. That’s why back then people had secret names, or christian names, which were their true names.

It used to be quite literally, all in the name…Hence the saying; it’s all in the name. When you knew someone’s name, you often knew their family roots and background. Generally people’s private worlds were actually private, unless you knew their name… Not like nowadays, with so many people having passports, social media channels and our 24/7 surveillance and military police state. In these days people only used spoken languages, and the ones who had the power of the written word were often feared and even revered, because they were the ones that wrote history and even laws, and they had access to written knowledge and wisdom. Books, or anything written only had meaning and value for magicians with the ability to cast spells from their grimoires. In other words, to spell and write words using grammar. Those who used words, especially written words, manipulated their energy and the energy of others. There was a huge gap between the common people who couldn’t read and write, and the people who did. I imagine that in this time you had to be born in a family of magicians, or to be chosen and initiated by them or by spiritual entities in order to learn about the magic of words.

Even nowadays most people are oblivious to the usage and power of words, whether spoken out loud or written in silence. Remember, your word is your wand and you perform magic, or in other words; manipulate energy; feelings, thoughts, desires and dreams everytime you employ words.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. I do. – quote from a mythical cat creature from the movie Alice in Wonderland?

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