Being Aware of Assumptions

Are you aware of your Assumptions?

I used to assume that it’s impossible to be kind most of the time and to love everyone. Today I became aware of the fact that this is based on false assumptions. Not necessarily bad, but simply not rooted in reality or in the truth. I assumed it was impossible, because I never experienced it before and because I didn’t fully believe the people who told me it is possible, and even that they experience it on a daily basis.

Then I met an amazing woman, Carlotta. I felt that she told me her truth, so if I accept that truth as it is, I have to be aware of my false assumptions in order to learn more.

On my journey I met more people that expressed similar experiences and understanding.

Today I became aware of a major change in my conception of myself and the world. In the last months, seemingly unrelated realizations fell into place, like just enough puzzles pieces are in the right place to start filling the blanks with my minds eye.

The more perspectives you can see at once the more likely it is that the underlying assumption are close to the truth or even rooted in it. Which of your opinions, beliefs, memories, thoughts, feelings, emotions and dreams lean towards one side of life’s infinite spectrum? Which ones are one-sided or biased by subjectivity? Those are the ones to take a closer look at. When you meet someone that you resonate with, trust and perhaps even revere, it’s wise to be open to the possibility to learn something important from them. Even, or especially when it means that you are wrong. The more wrong you are, the more you can learn. The further away your underlying assumptions are from the truth, the more challenging it is to look inside and go through it. Are you strong enough to make the leap? If you’re not, it’s possible that you dismiss the matter, or save the seed to sprout at the right time.

What are your assumptions? Which ones might be false? Do you feel that something lacks in your perspective? Like a missing piece of the puzzle? Perhaps it’s a piece that will obliterate other pieces, so you need to find, create or connect new pieces to learn more.

Inspired by Daniel Kelley, Carlota Albardonedo Varela and more amazing people that I don’t remember at the moment.

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