Meeting of Varied Minds

For the pessimist the cup is half empty. For the optimist it’s half full. Then comes along a realist, who says it’s both half empty and half full. And perhaps, the empty half is not so empty after all. Maybe it’s filled with air or even anti-matter. To experience both perspectives and to embody them all at once is another thing entirely, said a mystic, who listened to their conversation. He continued: ‘There is no cup. Meaning, there is no cup out there. It exists more as an idea, story or an internal construct than it does out there in a so called solid world. ‘

A few moments later a person who closely followed their discussion decided to jump in. He was convinced that only a higher power, like god knows these things. ‘So you are a religious freak‘, the mystic said to provoke him. He wanted to see the person behind the religious mask. ‘I am religious, yes. A freak, no.’ He didn’t take it as an insult or anything negative for that matter, which pleased the realist and the mystic. By now the pessimist and the optimist had left the cafeteria where they serendipitously got together. This was clearly far beyond their reality bubble…

I was thinking to add a nihilist character into the mix, but soon realized that there is nothing in it for a nihilist, unless he dissolves his limiting beliefs. That’s just not a convincing story, no matter how much intelligence, wisdom and creativity I put inside. To be clear, that was a sarcastic joke. There was, in fact, a guru who arrived right in the eye of their intellectual storm. He asked them politely if he could sit with them. ‘Do you want a drink?’ It will be paid by the hands of my followers, he said. He looked at their response as he moved down to sit with them. Then he started smiling and laughing loudly for a few seconds. A strong belly laugh that was very contagious. They all laughed and enjoyed his company. None of them asked him if he was really a guru. He didn’t look the part, apart from the stereotypical long beard and a big golden ring with a shiny thing sticking out. ‘Is that a real diamond?’, the realist asked him.

‘What do you mean? If it’s a diamond, or something else? Or do you want to know what it is, even if it’s not a diamond, or even if it’s a stone that you’ve never heard of? What if it’s a piece of plastic?’ The mystic smiled. He knew he was the real deal. Perhaps a mystic, far beyond himself, he wondered. His eyed twinkled…

The self-proclaimed guru seemed to embody and understand every perspective, but the one from the nihilist who missed the coffee and tea party was far away, even from his reality bubble. ‘Being human, one can only get so close to god‘, the guru explained. ‘I wish to meet a nihilist, so I can learn to understand that mode of seeing and being‘. Right there and then, they simultaneously arrived in the present moment. For most of them it was their first holy moment, except for the guru and the mystic. The mystic longed for another taste of the divine for a while. A few seconds of total silence filled the room with pure healing energy.

When each of them returned to base reality, one by one they got up. One by one they left. One said goodbye. Another bowed to show his gratitude. Their was a nihilist sitting a few tables away from them. He was still drinking his beer, oblivious to their shared transcendent journey and the love in the air…

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