My first LSD trip,

Reporting live from within the experience. Only a quarter of one tab of LSD seems to evoke some magic beyond my everyday senses and experiences. I got it for free from a guy who I met yesterday. He seems cool. The first thing I noticed is the clarity and quality of sound. I feel my body breathe, from the inside out and from the outside in. Colors seem extra saturated, but I shut off the light to have an internal, perhaps richer ride.

It’s tempting to keep playing guitar. I might just do that, and record some more.

Now I know why they call it acid. Because it can feel like your brain and your insides are melting.

My artificial boundaries are currently dissolving. The result is surprisingly peaceful and purifying. Like I see my mind more for what it is. Forever changing, taking in and releasing information. Observing, absorbing and letting it flow. In, our, or wherever it goes. No resistance, my body free. One with mind. In a place where dreams and reality meet and exchange polarities on special occasions like this.

LSD. A quarter of a tab. An amount so small it’s hard to see even when you’re on LSD.

I just recorded some more music. I was out. My ego left with the wind. The sounds brought me where I needed to go to explore and expand with an open mind. The bottle beside me has a world inside.

Water reflecting like with a crystal ball in which I see the projections of my subconscious. Clear, unedited, through a wide angle lens. As above, so below. In the microcosm I see macro worlds living within. Moving, breathing, melting, mixing. Flying free.

Acid dreams…

There’s no need to recalibrate. To set sail anywhere, but here, where everything flows forever free. In the place where dreams and reality meet there’s no need for change. It’s already did, done and long gone.

It comes in waves, but these waves melt together. Not like any other trip. I am clear, yet completely out. From far out I see things from another perspective. All things connects in this moment. Everything waves, but steadily with a strong, serene beat. Everything is alive. I see it now. Where else is it going to be….

No one told me that LSD can make you fly. Or at least help me to worm through the prison bars of my fixed material illusions. In waves I become the space around me and in between I float. I can still imagine the line of separation, but it’s only a story as seen from this perspective. It’s so beautiful I can’t describe it…

I lost myself and what I found is truly profound.

My breath extends into the world as it becomes part of everything it passes. Everything on it’s way transforms my lively breath into the space, filling the gaps that hold up my everyday illusions.

I know where my body ends and where the contact staff begins, but I feel it as one thing, continuisly flowing. There is no division between left, right, up or down. Every dimension folds into that what is here and now, eternally present. My body and mind move as one, like they always do. Even when I distract myself or even willfully step out of that divinity, it is forever existing wherever we are

Time, space and matter is how we put energy in a box. Each facets of one infinite mandala, spiraling through every point of life. There where movements turn to sound and sounds dissolve into the vibrations from whence it came. When time doesn’t matter & where space takes its place. Matter might be another trap that keeps us away from the powers of old. A seemingly separate entity slithering through chackric wheels of energy. It whispers to us throughout our lives. When we remember to listen with the whole body, heart and the interfacing mind, a symphony of divine music will come through.

The Trap of Spirituality. Spiritual Trap of Mind. a Mind Lacking Maps. Soulful Mind Traps. Material Mind Maps. Spiritual Material Maps. Mentally Mapping Minds. Spiritually Minding Matter. Spirits Binding Minds. Minds Binding Maps. Maps Mapping Matter. Materials Trapping Minds. Matter Mapping Traps. Mind Mapping Matter. Maps Minding Minds. Traps Mapping Minds. Matter Trapping Spirits. Mind Mapping Traps. Minding Mind Maps. Traps Minding Minds. Mind Traps Matter. Trapping Mind Maps. Mind Trap Maps. Mind Tripping Traps. Trippy Mind Trap. Trappy Trip Tap. Rappy rip Rhymes. Zappy Zip Zap. Alpha Beta.

Alpha Beta Teetah Zeeta

That’s the Alphabet.

Mindful Soul, Soulful Mind, Mindless Soul. Soulless Mind. Mindful Moment, Momentary Mind, Momentary Matter, Mental Mind, Material Soul, Spiritual Mind, Material Mentality, Spiritual Mind, Spirit Duality, Dual Mentality, Spirit Mentality, Spirituality.

Duality Mentality. Spirit Duality. Spiritual Duality. Duel Mentality. Spirituality.

Spiritually Minded Material Maps [of] Minding Meaning.

Minds Mapping Meaning [of] Spiritual Material.

Spiritual Entity. Spirit Entities. Spirit Mentality. Entity Identity. Duality Identity. Mental Maps [of] Spirit Reality.

Making Mental Maps of Duality in the Minds Eye of Spirit Reality is The ultimate trick Trapping Spirits in Materiality.

Material Reality. Spiritual Material. Mentally Real Entity. Reality Duality. Spirits Matter. Spiritual Matters.

Mental Identity. Spirit Reality. Mind Mentality. Real Spirituality. Entity Mentality. Spiritual Identities. Material Mentalities.

  • Material Spirituality

  • Spiritual Mentality

  • Mental Duality

And last but not least: Spiritual Materiality.

  • Mental Material.

  • Material Mind.

  • Spiritless Material.

  • Ritualistic Materials.

  • Materialistic Rituals.

  • Ritual Reality.

  • Real Rituals (make no Sense)…

  • Matter-less Spirits.

  • Spirit-full Duality.

  • Material Identity.

Now I’ve scrambled these words and their now lost meanings lying on the bottom of my magic brew, I can confidently say that blasphemy doesn’t even begin to describe the level of divine overkill in this situation…

  • Imagining Realms of Reality

  • Beyond Imagination

  • Imagining Beyondness is Real.

  • Realms Beyond Realness

  • Imagining Realistic Realms

  • Realistically Imagining Unity

  • Realness Beyond imagining

  • United Realities

  • Realm of Unity

United Realms of Real Realities imagined by the great beyond.

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