Flow and Stimulation

This idea came to me today. It’s nothing fancy. It’s just another way of looking at and describing flow. Different formulations can help different people to understand the same thing.

The idea is that stimulation is necessary to get into flow. This can occur naturally, when you happen to be in the right place at the right time. Or, it can happen artificially. In other words. you can consciously choose to go to an environment where you will be stimulated. I never thought about the importance of stimulation to induce flow before. It makes perfect sense. Micro-dosing certain psychedelics like psilocybin mushrooms and LSD loosens and opens up your body-mind which improves your receptivity. Information from the direct external environment now enters your body-mind with greater ease. To process information better, perhaps much faster too, it helps a lot to receive more, especially novel data. It’s like being bombarded with stimuli. When you arrive in another country for the first time, where everything seems different, your first response tends to be Awe. Awe is at the forefront of Flow. All this data enters your body and your mind (body-mind), which you then process. Hopefully your subconscious does most lot of the work here, because it’s so much better at processing data. Plus, you will enter FLOW!

Processing data means to filter, internalize, interpret and store it. To crystallize or to codify it. In this context the word data means a quantifiable sum of information.

Here is an interesting article about Flow and Psychedelics. Feel free to skip the long introduction if you are already familiar with flow. I leave you with a few one-liners that came to me during intense stimulation:

Thinking is one of infinite ways to process information. Similarly language is one of infinite ways to communicate. We are that what communicates between the interdimensional bodies, which include the physical, mental and emotional body. The physical body is the carrier of the mental and emotional body. One last thing:

I think that the cocktail of flow related chemicals emerge and transpire out of flow, and not so much the other way around. Unless the state is facilitated by a substance. In that case you alter your internal landscape, whereas in a more ‘naturally’ induced flow state you change the external landscape. Both ways facilitate real and quote on quote, ‘natural’ flow. I believe that the true value and quality of flow depends on your perception, effort and awareness. Not so much on HOW you get into it. Some people are physically wired for flow. Others, like me, took a lot of heavy medication from a very young age, which completely changes the body-chemistry, making it harder to get into flow. This is what it seems like to me. I don’t use it as an excuse, but simply as an example to explain it. I still induce most of my flow all by my self. And if I didn’t, that would be perfectly fine.

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