Dreams & the Moon

The other day I spontaniously talked about the moon and dreams. Without thinking I said things that I only understood afterwards.

The moon is connected to water. It seems to have a strong effect on watery things like emotions, libido, energy levels and the menstrual cycle of woman. Did you know that naturally the menstrual cycle is synchronized to the cycles of the moon? I learned this when I lived in nature. In cities it seems to be less synchronized. Also, the tides of the ocean change with the cycles of the moon.

The physical body is connected to earth. The mental body to air, and the emotional body to water and perhaps fire too. During the night we process emotions and relive personal experiences. It’s the time of the day that’s most associated with the element water. Water is fluid, forever changing, yet always staying the same.

I was thinking about this, because I had many lucid dreams in the nights before the full moon and during the full moon. Normally I have a handful of lucid dreams ever few months, so it makes sense to me that it may be connected.

Water has memory too. This is a well studied phenomenon. Perhaps the full moon is the right time to remember.

People are much more horney when the moon is full. Dreaming is an extremely creative process. So as sex in it’s purest form. Lucid dreaming can feel very sensual and sexual as well. It seems to me that this sexual energy reaches a peak during full moon, which occurs once a month, just like a womans period.

Sexual energy and creative energy are one and the same. Do you see the connections here?

It’s pretty obvious and very interesting to me.

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