(Wake Induced) Lucid Dream success and common misconceptions

After many years of active and lucid dreaming I finally have some progress. Last night I had one lucid dream. The night before I had two lucid dreams. It was so much fun and exhilirating, there are no words that do justice to the experience.

Imagine that right now you realize there are no real, lasting consequences to you actions. Imagine that in this very moment, while reading this, you become aware that it’s all a dream. Everything feels alive, looks crystal clear and there is an intense sense of greatness, power and freedom.

I feel grateful for this journey. The waking world around me at this time in my life is pretty tough. My future is invisible. Blank. Far away, if it exists at all. Dreaming helps me to keep going and to keep exploring the waking world as well.


Just reading about techniques to perform any kind of spiritual magic like lucid dreaming and astral projection can change your life completely. Especially if you are creative, sensative, curious and open-minded, I advise you to make a conscious choice before diving into the knowledge that is magically, readily available to anyone with access to the internet.

…I didn’t know this beforehand, so after I read about this powerful technique to induce a lucid dream, I performed it automatically, without even thinking about it…

WILD (wake induced lucid dream)

This method is to fall asleep consciously, to enter a lucid dream or to explore other worlds. Using this method your body falls asleep while your mind and your consciousness stay awake. This way you can be free from the boundaries of your body and even your mind. Consciousness behaves like a flickering light. It turns on and off, even during the day. The electricity or energy that feeds the light of consciousness runs through us all the time. That potential never sleeps.

When I accidentily did my first WILD I became aware of my sleep paralysis. That means that my body fell asleep while my mind was still awake, or my mind woke up while my body was still sleeping and paralyzed. This was so shocking that I couldn’t think about anything esle than to move my body again. When I snapped out of it I felt a powerful electric shock in my neck, right below my head. My dad told me he had an out of body experience as a child, because of his traumatic childhood. He felt an electric shock too, right when he landed back in his body.

Sleep paralysis happens to all of us, every night. The body releases a chemical that literally, temporarily paralizes most bodily functions. This can be a very scary experience, especially when you don’t know about it. Normally the mind falls asleep too, so people are generally completely unaware of this phenomenon. Unless you have a sleeping disorder or some kind of dysfunction, your body is paralized everytime you sleep.

…Physically it’s perfectly safe, only mentally and emotionally it can be traumatizing…

For me this is not a big leap, to go from knowing that we all dream every night, to realizing our dreams affect our thoughts, feelings and actions in the day, to accepting the facts of sleep paralysis. It’s only natural.

Here is the method:

Before falling asleep, relax your body. Make sure to stay aware enough to witness what’s going on. At one point your body starts to feel different. Some people hear a loud buzzing sound as if there are a bunch of bees flying next to their ears. All kinds of strange physical sensations can arise. This is perfectly safe.

What I did wrong when I first did WILD is to focus on these sensations. Recently someone told me to observe the colors, shapes and flashes of images that occur during hypnacogia; the transitional stage just before falling asleep. To move your attention away from the often overwelming bodily sensations.

…When doing this properly you can enter a lucid dream straight away…

This technique is not limited to inducing lucid dreams. It can induce many types of journeys like OOBE’s (Out of body experiences) and otherworldly exploration.

I hope this will help you on your journey. It helped me, so I wish to share what I’ve learned. Fly safely. Enjoy the ride. See you on the other side!

Click here for a Facebook group with more information about WILD, and to meet other dreamers!

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