Edge of Lucidity

This afternoon I almost became lucid. I was in a massive supermarket. So many tasty snacks and fresh foods everywhere, but no money to get some. At one point I thought to just eat something in the supermarket. There were so many things lying around that is was easy to get away with it.

I was about to do it, which normally doesn’t happen in waking life. Later I tried to write down some things I needed from the shop. My writing was morphing and it seemed impossible to write clearly. At this point I was on the edge of lucidity.

Not long after a girl passed me. She was playing with her brother. One way I often get lucid is when I feel free to express my sexual desires. I reached out to touch her ass, but at the last moment I decided not to. If I didn’t hold back I would probably cross the edge, and dive into lucidity.

I trained myself to become lucid by transmuting my own weakness into lucidity. It doesn’t work all the time, because I need all the willpower, dicipline and focus I have. When it works I feel very strong and free.

What techniques do you use? I would love to hear about it. Especially the ones that you discovered and made your own.

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