Jamming with the Ocean

Recently I found a tube that’s also a decend didgiridoo. It was raining a lot before I arrived on Crete. A lot of villages were underwater, so there’s a ton of trash all over the beach.

Being the trash wizard I was trained to be, I used my creativity to turn this trash into a treasure. Today I started building a drum kit from different parts I found on the beach. I hope it doesn’t wash away, because I left the prototype where I made it.

In a music shop I pay 10 euros for a pair of drum sticks. Here there are hundreds of thousands of sticks organically stacked in lines paralel to the beach. Most of it looks like Cana (a weak type of bamboo), but there are many branches of different types of wood mixed with plastic buckets, bottles, shoes, dead animals, broken toys and even parts of wrecked ships.

I had a lot of fun trying out different types of wood and different parts for the kit, with a huge spectrum of sound-vibration. Soon I’ll combine the drumming with playing didge.

Maybe I’ll post a video.

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