Magical Journal Crete

Dear magical Journal,

It’s incredible how art changes consciousness. With art I mean manifestations of pure imagination, fueled by such a high level of creativity and flow that it almost forces you to change. The only way NOT to be affected by true art is by choosing not to see it. For most people it’s easy not to see what’s right in front of them. Many people look, but very few see. So, they subconsciously choose to hand over their authority to someone or something else. They don’t know who or what receives their free will; their true potential and energy.

Looking with material eyes only reveals rules, whereas seeing with the minds eye reveals an ocean of infinite possibilities.

Seeing is believing. When one believes something, it becomes real. Looking keeps you in the body of the ego. Your personality is not even close to who you really are. It’s not about who you are, because when you go deep enough you will see that there’s nothing. You are nothing. That means that you can choose who and what you are, and you can choose who and what you will become. Somewhere along the line people lost their real eyes. Real eyes realize. This eye has many names, including the third eye, inner eye, the imagination, the eye of Horus, the all seeing eye, and so on.

When you reconnect with your light body, information is revealed within and without. Our collective dream consists of information. It is through our physical bodies that we filter information and lose sight of the many doorways to other dimensions. Humans are always too late. If the shortest possible duration exists, I call it a ghost-instant. We are one ghost-instant too late. People observe but the echos of one world within a universe filled with infinite, unexplored worlds. A world is a holographic, dreamlike collective hallucination that’s maintained by being observed. It’s an expression of the collective consciousness, including the subconscious. By observing the observer collapses infinite possibilities into its one experience. Without observing, there is no being, and if there is, it’s so different than what we call life, existence or being, that it might as well remain nameless. It cannot be named. In this ‘chaotic, dark abyss; the home of mystics‘, seekers get a glimpse of the secrets of creation. In the subconscious lies knowledge and wisdom that we apply, yet we’re unaware of the origin and workings. We use this knowledge, the same way birds do, to navigate the globe. By using our bodily and ancestral knowledge and sometimes even wisdom, some of our actions prove that we know more than what lies in our consciousness. These actions emanate a deeper understanding and meaning.

The way of the gods leads to the road of ultimate freedom and invisible power. Invisible to the eyes of the ego and the gross body. Freely seen by those with courage, willpower, discipline, love, consciousness and active imagination.

…Act through the body. Experience through the soul…

Most people live inside their own minds; blind to everything with the power to change their assumptions, personality, deepest beliefs and formulation of the world.

Language is a virus, religion the operating system, and prayer is just a loooooot of spam.

– Quote from American Gods (one of the new gods after smoking synthetic toad skin)

Today I had an appointment to go to work. I woke up early after a few hours of dreaming. Dreaming I mean. Not sleeping. Last night I realized so many things. Like the fact that people don’t need sleep. They need to dream. Rem (rapid eye movements) sleep is when you dream. This is the part of sleep you need to recover from waking life. You can trick your body-mind into instant rem, so you skip most of the dreamless sleep. This way shamans need far less sleep than regular people. When taking psychedelics, or even smoking weed in my case, you can dream while being partly awake.

Last night I found a video with a recap of what happened in American Gods; the best (TV) Series I’ve ever watched. If Rick & Morty is the introduction to the Hogwards school of magic, American Gods is the introduction to the magic that rules the world we live in, including dis-incarnate entities, intelligent telepathic aliens that communicate through the food of the gods, and the second world that’s clouded by collective amnesia. The show is an introduction to techno-shamanism, mythology, mysticism, alchemy, ritual magic, occult technologies, sex magic, time travel & manipulation, the psychedelic experience, ancestral exploration, pure rememberance and the dark side of spirituality.

Today I didn’t go to work, because it was raining. Instead, I’m watching American Gods and I’m writing about it. I write about the many synchronicities that happened since yesterday. Are they orchestrated by malicious entities? I don’t know. My friend just asked me if the Netherlands rules the world, while I was writing this – American Gods is the introduction to the magic that rules the world we live in.

Yesterday afternoon I saw a big dead deer on the beach, about 20 meters from the sea.

Manifestation Syncs (synchronicities)

Some days ago I wished for a pack of rolling papers. The day before yesterday I found them on the side of the street. Two days ago I wished for a ball; any kind of ball, for Joe, my friend. He used to play tennis. He loves to play. This afternoon, just a few hours ago, I found a tennis ball and a small, plastic, slightly broken toy racket.

Yesterday I told Joe a story of a mutual acquaintance. The same guy who built the biggest joint we’ve ever smoked together, almost died because of smoking weed. Some people are allergic to certain kinds of weeds. Who knew, right? He never knows when he needs to go to the hospital when he smokes weed he never smoked before. A few minutes ago he wrote a message to Joe:

Hey, How is the weather in Crete? I’m tired of the weather here, so………

You get the idea. It’s weird, all these improbable coincidences. Words, words, words. I am out of words…

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