Lucid Dream breakthrough!

I just woke up after the longest, most vivid and the most lucid dreams I’ve ever experienced in a row.

I remember going in and out of consciousness. Again, it started very sexual. There were a lot of beautiful people. Not just the woman were beautiful, even though I didn’t realize it until writing it down. Everything was so beautiful. Like in those HDRI pictures. I read about this phenomena before, but never consciously experienced this dreamlike, yet realistic and vivid imagery.

So first I had a few lucid dreams in which tried to have sex. In between were a few non-lucid dreams that were really cool, vivid and adventurous too. In one of them I was in the neighborhood I grew up in. There was a huge storm coming. My friend was there and told me to follow him. He knew how to protect ourselves from the lightning. He walked towards the middle of a big empty parking lot. I told him that it’s dangerous, because the lighning often hits the highest point, or so I’ve heard. He ran faster and faster, suddenly dropped himself and started rolling on the ground. Maybe some kind of grounding I thought, to discharge our bodies. So I did the same. I ran as fast as I could and rolled over the floor. Like how stuntpeople roll after jumping out of a moving car.

After that I don’t really know how I moved into the next dream. There are gaps in my memory. Maybe I just woke up a few times in between dreams.

Lucidity Training:

I was sitting in what looked like a caravan. There were about seven people chilling inside. One person was making food. It felt like they knew me. This made me feel completely free to be myself. At this point all the colors were more colorful than in waking life. All the sounds were very clear too. Then, I started kissing a girl. I noticed that I was losing lucidity, so I backed off. Then, still lucid, I experimented with all kinds of bodily sensations. I held a girls hand. I played with the visuals. At one point I was just listening to their conversations. They were so beautiful and super weird. I mean the people sitting across me in this caravan-like thing. I think there were about 5 girls and 3 guys. They looked like techno-hipsters or fashion hippies. One girl said that she didn’t feel like having sex or anything like that. It seemed like they wanted to turn my attention away from my obsessive behaviour. Another girl, with dark hair and bright eyes smiled at me. It felt like a gift. She smiled from the bottom of her heart. After this, I just observed everything and focussed on staying lucid.

Two guys were making a very weird kind of pizza. Two human toes pointed up. They layed on a small table. I wasn’t sure if they were real toes or not, but I trusted these people, plus I knew I was dreaming. He took something from one of the toes to use for this strange type of pizza. I just went along with it, knowing I was safe.

Then they gave me a piece of alien pizza, or whatever it was. I tried to smell it first, to see how far I can go with my imagination. It was hard to smell this piece of salami with cheese on top. That’s what it looked like anyway. Then, I slowly put it in my mouth. The problem was that my teeth felt like they were clenching, even though I opened my dream mouth. Maybe my physical teeth were actually clenching. Unfortunately I didn’t taste the alien pizza. I noticed I was losing lucidity, but I managed to extend it a bit longer. All I experienced from the food was the smell of parmesan cheese.

This was the first time I was able to play with the intensity of my awareness. I felt it when I was losing consciousness, but because I was so aware of this, I knew when to focus on what, to stay lucid. When I focussed too much on what was going on in the dream, I started to lose lucidity. The same happened when I focussed too much on my internal experiences like my thoughts and imaginary sensory perception.

One more important thing is that I stopped jerking off a few days ago. It really seems like this creative (sexual) energy made all of this possible. When I don’t ejaculate I’m not wasting imaginary energy. I read about this before, but I never put it into practice. Many of the great geniuses like Nicola Tesla, Napoleon Hill and Isaac Newton wrote about this. They practiced sexual transmutation. Nicola Tesla never had a wife, because he preferred to use this energy for his creative, innovative work.

Anyway, maybe I take a break from ejaculating to see how it effects my dreams and creativity.

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