Going through

Thursday 7 march, 2019
Crete, Greece

If I didn’t start practicing positivity recently I would be in hell right now. Maybe not the worst kind of hell, but still, a bad place. I came to this Island to do my own projects. We had an apartment to live in, or so I thought. At the last moment the person gave it to someone else. That means I got the complete opposite of what I wanted and expected. Tomorrow we have an appointment to see a few apartments to rent for eight months. The same people also have a job for my friend, right next door. Something with water sports and tourism.

Two days ago I woke up feeling sick. Still, I feel pretty shit, I am fighting to do what I need to do. Sometimes I wonder how in the world this is happening, Maybe I need to do work I don’t like because of this streak of bad luck. I say bad luck, but I actually don’t know what it is. My friend doesn’t seem to notice what’s going on with me. I don’t tell him, because I feel like I’m talking to a wall. Even if I do tell him, it changes nothing. I do my best to be a good team, and so far it helps a lot. Even though NOW things seem pretty bad, I know it’s also because I’m still a bit sick. I’m sure that when we have a place to live, I feel much better.

All I want now is to be better and have some simple fun. Make music, jam, smoke a joint; things like that. But, now I need to accept this situation. I feel powerless. There is good news too. Maybe, MAYBE, we will live in a house with three bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, living room and a garden.

My dream life was really awesome until I got sick. I had at least 3 lucid dreams in about a week. Very sexual as usual. The next time I am lucid I will smoke a joint and maybe fly high.

Wish me luck, or wish me well, if you don’t believe in luck. Good things will come again.

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