Searching for a home (Backpacking in Greece)

Bad luck seems to follow me around. We are still wandering; looking for a place to live. A job is waiting for us. More jobs actually. But we need a home base first.

I see the law of attraction and the law of resonance in action. The hardest part for me is to surrender to the forces that rule the universe. Especially because most people don’t understand how it works. If you don’t know about universal laws, they shape your life and you don’t even realize it. What I want is the opposite. To be really honest; these laws and their master(s) can fuck themselves if you ask me.

One observer is not powerful enough to outrule the ignorance of the collective. I can’t even show my friend how much power he has over our lives. All I can do is to make a choice. For now I choose to be the best team we can be and to work and live together.

Many hours later…

Finally, after a long day we found another cheap hotel. The people here are always late. Being one hour late is normal. We were supposed to meet a guy who has a free appartment. In the end he didn’t come. It was getting late…

I let go of the wheel. I surrendered. If I need to stay awake all night, I do it. No problem, I felt. Tomorrow we will see two appartments. Our work is 15 minutes from here by bus, so the location is perfect. I can even walk everywhere if I want to.

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