A new life in another world

Right now me and my friend are sitting at a taverna in Crete; a beautiful island in Greece. Chilling, drinking and waiting.

It’s a different world here. I mean completely different. The people here are really helpful. They don’t care about the law. Raw anarchy in action. It’s amazing to observe how it all works.

When there is a problem, the people work together to solve it. Today I saw only one police car. That’s very strange for me. Especially because it’s the second biggest city on the Island.

We are waiting for a call or a message from some people who are looking for an appartment for us. We had bad luck the first day, but I’m confident that we’re going to find a good place.

Even though I dont have much money or a place to stay I am positive and calm. Slowly but surely we’ll find the best possible path. The many synchronicities in these two days show me that I am on the right way. It seems that everything I was looking for is all around me. I feel it. Many different futures are right in front of me. I sense it, but I can’t make sense of it.

We just heard that someone has a job for us. My friend contacted someone via facebook. She is from the same country as him and she knows him. All we need now is a place to stay. 40 euros a day, that’s what we will make when we work on the land. The good part is that we choose when we work. There’s no fixed way here like in the Netherlands or any other country I know. If you are flexible there are many possibilites.

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