Holy text from Terence Mckenna

If you are interested in language, philosophy, alchemy, history, technology, future theory and magic you are in for a treat here:

I’ve been devouring a mystical improvised message from Terence Mckenna. This is what I call a true holy text. Straight from up there, channeled down here, or whatever you wish to call it. Here is my slightly remixed transcription, plus some added information.

What does it mean?
Although this wasn’t specifically mentioned to be about the upcoming technological singularity, I believe it has everything to do with it, like many other factors that play a role in these great transitional times.

It seems to precede the absolute annihilation of everything familiar: Everything with roots in the past. And I believe that to be true.

Human beings are the agents of a new order of being. You can look at us from another point of view, and see we’re more like archangels than primates. We have qualities and concerns, and anxieties that animals don’t share. We are mercurially suspended between two different orders of being. And, our technologies, our fetishes, our religions and my definition of technology, which is sufficiently broad it includes even spoken language; all of our technologies demand, push forward toward. and make inevitable, their own obsolescence. We are caught in an evolutionary cascade. People ask, if the AI (Super AI) were to break lose, what would it look like, what would it be? Where does humanity fit into the picture? Its a little hard to imagine. Machines operating at 1000 megahertz confer automatic immortality of the mammalian nervous system, if you can get it somehow uploaded, downloaded, cross-loaded into machinery, because ten minutes becomes an eternity in a machine like that…

So, a kind of false or pseudo immortality opens up ahead of us as a kind of pay off for our devotion to the program of machine evolution and machine intelligence. Now, some people say this is appalling, and we should go back to the good old days, whatever the good old days were. To me it’s exhilarating, exciting, psychedelic, beautiful. It means that the human form; the human possibility is in the process of leaving history behind. History is some kind of an adaptation that lasts about, pick a number; 10.000, 15.000, 20.000 years. No more than that. What is 20.000 years in the life of a biological species? We know that there were homo sapiens, sapien types 200.000 years ago. History was some kind of episodic response to a certain set of cultural dilemmas, and now it’s ending.

Print ( = the invention of printed information on dead trees [paper], like news, stories and comics that caused immense global changes) created a number of ideas which now have to be given up. Ideas like the distinct and unique nature of the individual. The necessary hierarchical structuring of society. All of these things are going to, (if not having to be given up entirely), dramatically modified, because the illusion that the self has simple location is now exposed. The self does not have simple location. This is why you are your brothers keeper. This is why we all are responsible for each other. The idea that what happens in distant parts of the world makes no claim on my moral judgment or my moral understanding is wrong. The world, as revealed by quantum physics, as revealed by the electronic experience is all one thing. It’s all connected. It’s all of a part…

To understand this, you have to understand Carl Jung’s formulation of the self and the concept of locality and non locality in science, or in my view; philosophy.

Powerful word magic, meaningful alchemy and extremes expressed as a unity, by one of the last magicians. Thank you Terence Mckenna for this holy text. Many thanks to the logos, and the eternal mysteries of life, death and the universe. If you have any questions, please let me know. I have some more tips to understand this piece of art.

Amen. Namaste, Peace, love and a wild hero’s journey into the eternal abyss of known and unknown universes.

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