Practicing Positivity

I can’t change the world the way I want to, but I can change myself however I choose, if I am willing to do the work. Practicing positivity helps me to accept things for what they seem to be. It makes me feel lighter, peaceful and generally better. My ego likes to know what’s going on and how everything works, but my spirit couldn’t care less and knows that infinity can’t be held by human hands.

You can be realistic, optimistic and positive, despite the current state of the human enterprise. This is what I’ve learned recently. I don’t have to sacrifice anything. Therefore, being positive in a subtle, but clear way is better for everything. Better for me, my health, peace of mind and for the people and the world around me. That’s why I decided to turn positivity into a habit.

To do this I need a lot of practice. It’s worth it. Today I started by writing this: Practice positivity, gratitude and solitude. Later today I went to buy three pizzas for five euro. When I exited the supermarket I found a fiver in the parking lot. It’s interesting, because two days ago I found half of a fiver, which someone probably threw away because it’s worthless. This was at the same parking lot. As I walked back home, I burned it. I thought it would be nice to find a full fiver. Then, today it happened. Free pizza!

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