Slice of Street life

Zurich, Switzerland

It’s getting easier and easier to get in the flow with playing guitar in the streets. People sense the joy flowing in and out of my body. To flow is to stop resisting, even that what scares me the most, to act as a vessel and just be that what is present.

I lived in the streets for some weeks. People looked at me with curiosity or fear, and not much in between. They either smiled, or ignored me, mostly. I didn’t look like I lived in the streets. I looked like a traveler from another country, far away, I washed myself nearly everyday and took good care of myself. There are more people who live in the streets, living in between everything. Those people, like myself don’t belong to a group and don’t identify with many things. They can relate to and connect with most people from all walks of life. Conscious explorers of the mind and the collective dream we share.

Often alone, but at ease with themselves. There are not many people like that. Somehow society people are drawn to their mysterious energy emanating outwards, only to really be perceived by others alike, or curious beings getting a glimpse.

I have the strength, flexibility and will to embody the mystery of life. It makes the world magical, sometimes even meaningful. Whatever that means. You see, with every new perspective or lesson learned, comes the death of it. I know that whatever model I have of myself and the world, it’s going to be a story. It’s a tough journey. On the other hand it’s exhilarating, beautiful and mystical at times.

In short, the people who fall under this un-categorizable, weird and curious description come in all forms. Some wear suits and work at banks. Others live in the streets and live from the waste of the riches, which most people call trash. Then you have all the shades in between. Many of them seem normal, and often behave like everyone else. But, there’s something about them. They don’t call themselves anything, but when they do, it’s to protect themselves or to play this social game to make it easier for themselves and others. When you know that most people won’t understand something, it’s better to keep it to yourself, or even to lie. With better, I mean better for everyone.

Most people can’t even imagine a life without a job, money or buying stuff. When society people ask me how I make a living, sometimes I say I’m a professional musician, or an artist. Which in some ways is true. When I tell them the truth, and say that I don’t need money to live, they do everything they can to make it fit in their reality bubble. The easiest way to do this is to assume it’s impossible (not true), or that I depend on others who give me what I need.

Therefore, it’s better sometimes to lie, or to bend the truth to avoid unnecessary conflicts or tension.

I wish to shed light on these people, like myself. It’s hard to describe us without labeling. Maybe, if more people knew about us, there will be more space for us. Right now, when I don’t do all the things the system demands from me, my life is either extremely good or extremely bad. I don’t have a safety net and I am in this alone. I take the risks and the responsibility, but still, I would like to see a world with more understanding and flexibility.

By the way, I had a great time living in the streets of Zurich. It was tough at times, especially for my body, but it was worth all the risks and consequences. I was alone, yet felt connected. I didn’t have much security or a safety net, yet I felt safe and secure. I didn’t have much, yet I took care of myself and felt rich.

Real happiness is rooted in uncertainty. Or so it seems to me…

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