Micro-tales of the Ultra-Peculiar

Cosmic Peculiarities: Earth is stranger than the Divine ID (Interdimensional) universe

Local Legends and Myths

Local Legends and Myths that come pretty close to the real stories they are based on. Maybe the reality is even funkier than the fictional children born out of it. These babies, ooh, these babes…They are sooo wacky, they serve us best in the form of stories. Here is Micro-Tale 1 of the Ultimate Peculiarities Series.:

Refund Stunt
Waus just bought earphones at an electronics shop. He unpacked it and threw the package in the bin right next door. When he tried them he realized they didn’t work. Maybe they were not compatible or something, but that doesn’t matter. He wanted his money back. So he went straight back to the shop to do just that. The worker told him that he needs to return the package as well. Otherwise they couldn’t give him his money back. I just bought it, he said. You sold it to me a few minutes ago…

But she persisted. He went outside, walked to the bin where he disposed of the package, and grabbed it from deep down the darkest part of the abyss du bin. Then he went back to the same store again and approached the same worker who already saw him two times in the past 10 minutes. Before he went in, he soaked the whole thing in some kind of hot-sauce and mayonnaise that came from another bin.

You should have seen their faces. What do you want from me? You treat me like that…What do you expect? Did they give him his money back? Here is the fictionalized version:

Apparently another worker who was training her and worked there much longer witnessed the whole scenario. He understood and sort of agreed with their customer, Waus. although he thought that he went a bit far. Too far? Who can judge, objectively? I don’t know. What I know is that this other, more experienced alpha worker took over and gave Waus his money back. This is not the end of the story. After this the alpha worker said to the beta trainee that he wanted to have a word with her, in private.

She was fired….He fire her…

Waus only realized this by accident, years after the reckless, provocative and hilarious incident. One night in a bar, when the stars aligned to cause what some call serendipity, they met. They became fast friends. They don’t even go to bars, ever…Their first cosmic collision was when they stared at a meteorite shower in the perfectly black night sky above Los Angeles. Simultaneously Awestruck. The real kind of friendship is with those people you never think about, or never even consider to contact. Yet, every time you meet there’s this flow that directs the story that unfolds right after every seemingly random encounter. That’s the kind of friends they were, and they didn’t even know it, until the ex alpha worker told Waus the full story of the earphone refund stunt. He told Waus not longer than half an hour after their formal introduction in the bar that night.

He told the after story and the full ending of the earphone refund stunt. Anyway, that was years ago. Well, if you came this far, and you still know what’s going on; good job. What to say? You are one of the finer specimen of intellectual readers.

That story I just wrote in one go, without taking a break, and making very little, quick corrections in the process. There are so many ways to tell a story. You can even weave multiple stories into one, like the universe. Uni-Verse. Or, United Verse. A dense verse can be a micro-tale expressed in one sentence. The official definition of ‘verse’ is any division or grouping of words. These groupings were originally called stanzas. So, a stanza can be one sentence. When that sentence is dense enough it can hold a small story, hence the term mirco-tale.

If this wasn’t explained complicatedly enough, we dive ever deeper into the rabbit hole of the fictionalized adventures, of which some appear normal compared to what actually happened. I guess that heavily depends on who is reading this, which of course is you, my dear reader. It is you. It was always about you. Haven’t you noticed? Every story is about you. At least the viral ones. Some great stories hit the cult market, where they make them seem special, in order to squeeze some money out of it. Is it a sleazy, sneaky, swift and dirty marketing strategy? Do I smell a conspiracy? Or is it just a guy who likes to tell stories. He who prefers not to know whether the story is real or made up. This is why he, or me, gets a kick out of it. I like the mystery, and actually believe that there can be so many different perspectives of one happening, that it proves the infinity of an instant: A single moment. Beyond linear time and space… Only a three (and a half?) dimensional holographic screenshot already holds within itself multiples types of infinities, like eternity, ForeverY and limitless space.

This guy even uses Capital letters to seep meaning through the tiniest cracks in the worlds of these peculiar tales of energy-riders or normal folk who happened to be at right place, at the right time. When the stars align, ripples are set in motion and the divine engineers watch us ever closely…

Waus, from the first story of the Series is also called a real waus in the Dutch language, which is sort of like sjonnie, which in English really loosely translates to a ‘possibly positive bummer’. Can you imagine what it feels like when a stranger walks up to you to ask for the time, and he doesn’t even let you answer his own question, and says: You are such a ‘possibly positive bummer’. That can’t be positive, or negative. So, what does it mean? It means nothing. That’s the whole point of it.

Micro-Tale numero dos (2)
Stay tuned for more pilots of infinitely postponed literary series! Zap and tune in next time, later, somewhere in A future. Bye bye, and thanks for your attention!

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