Murky Journey

Listening to a crazy audiobook version of finnegans wake (see video down below) was an intense ride into the depths of the English language. The voice actor went all out for this strange performance. A true trip. Can you ever know what this book is about? Or is it a kind of showcase of the core structure and possibilities of language? One sentence can be four interwoven sentences, that are on themselves already dense and complex enough for the average reader.

A wild and wacky journey it was. I aim to write the impossible. That what cannot be brought back from the far edges of the universe, at least not without some loss. Why is it, that all of a sudden I write so differently? My exposure to some masterworks of the greatest literary explorers known to man cannot be the only reason…It’s my will to go deeper, to peal off layer after layer of our collective dream, until the engine is revealed and the engineers will make contact. Do I want to meet my maker? If I could, whether true or not. Even if it’s an actual part of our world, that doesn’t cancel out other possibilities. This interdimensional thinking and modern models of the world built on this perspective are dissolving the edges of our sleeping artificial world. The few who awaken, will live. They will be born again and feel as if they are born for the first time, for real.

As I lay with my head on her lap, my mother entered the bedroom. It all felt normal when I experienced it, but, this girl who clearly was dear to me; I never met her. She was talking about how much she liked my smell, while I was smelling her feet. Just the memory brings it all back. I felt at home with her. She had really short, dark hair. The rest was a big blur. No faces, no details. Only feelings and intuitions. And her smell, ooh even her feet pulled me closer… It was part of a life I lived, or at least experienced directly. Who am I to assume that it was just a dream? What are dreams anyway? Nobody really knows. Scientists don’t dare touch the subject. Many materialist, reductionist people just shove it off like it’s nothing. Deep down they all know it. We are fools to think we can wrap our heads around the infinite and extremely peculiar universe. To believe that we can figure out what is really going on, and to force it upon others is pure madness.

Identity is maintaining boundaries
– Terence Mcknenna

These boundaries separate our world from other worlds. They ensure that no spiritual entities of any kind gain too much power over this holographic labyrinth, otherwise known as the physical world. Only in extremely rare cases ghosts break through and enter our dimension. Usually this doesn’t last long, or they don’t have much influence.

Shared magical journeys experienced by brotherhoods, sisterhoods and families of souls are extremely transformative and powerful. Even though the world might seem the same upon return, I have a feeling that you enter another world or another time line. Both still exist, simultaneously. You just move to another one when you travel far enough. I like this way of expressing myself. Instead of talking as if I am looking at the world from a distance, I like to spice it up by engaging in it. To talk in terms of thoughts, theories, feelings, perspectives, possibilities and dreams, while acknowledging and honoring the eternal mystery of being, existence and the universe.

People who experience themselves and the world from a spiritual perspective have this magical effect on me when they speak. I receive their information with my whole body and my whole being. With spiritual I mean things like practicing positivity, self reflection, dreaming, conscious creation, empathy, gratitude and kindness. As well as being grounded in the experience here on earth. The branches of a tree can only reach the heavens when its roots reach down to hell. Carl Jung said something along these lines. It captures the eternal mystery perfectly. To express yourself fully, by uniting your feelings, thoughts and ideas from the perspective of an outside observer and a personal perspective as experienced from inside. This happens when intuition and the intellect are aligned and fully functioning. Intuition is always correct, but the interpretation can be very wrong. You need to learn to discern.

When the perspective of the passenger and the driver merge, deep flowing magic transforms the whole universe into alchemical gold…One instant of divine perfection, slipping away, like everything else that’s in the grip of the ego.

If you cling on to a part of the truth, the rest of it is easy to categorize as lies.
If there is such a thing as the truth, it must be beyond.
With beyond meaning; never against and always in favor of all.
To experience it is already an immense task, let alone to communicate its infinity with limited tools such as language, symbols and even art.

Natural magic and modern science are both attempts to liberate ourselves. Natural magic starts with the belief that everything is magical and possible, whereas modern science starts with the belief that we can understand the universe through measurement and numbers. Natural magic gives more credit to the mystery of life, whereas modern science gives more credit to the material side of it all. Both perspectives are limited, like everything we can conceive of.

Personally I value my internal world, which includes my thoughts, feelings, dreams, ideas, memories and states of mind. Therefore I appreciate natural magic more than modern science. I think that modern science reflects our collective inner loss of true magic and mystery.

There needs to be a balance between these two perspectives for the collective to evolve. What am I saying..? People are not ready for a better world, and That’s OK.

A mystery might not be like a puzzle to solve, but something that by its very nature is mysterious.
– Terence Mckenna said something along these lines.

Wild and Tamed imagination
Today is a good day. What makes it a good day is limited to my use of the imagination. I see the imagination as a landscape where all ideas, dreams and wishes exist in their purest form, parallel to each other and our world. Visionaries and artists take the first leap into the now barely speakable because of their vision and art, with the whole world slowly following in their footsteps. Right now the world we are entering is a post apocalyptic, dystopian and cyberpunk style planet about to go intergalactic, with Virtual Reality and the Digital Black Market woven into a techno-digital pocket life society. Things couldn’t be weirder than in this coming age. We all sense it; we’re entering a new world, soon to shed the experimental prototypes we’re testing now…

Wild imagination is so powerful that it can completely change your perception, beliefs and even reality. The normal waking trance most people are in doesn’t need much imagination to keep running. At night, during sleep, especially in the dream state, the body resets all energetical and imaginative data of the day, keeping people in the frequency of the matrix. This is one way the imagination is tamed by intelligent, dis-incarnate entities that guard the gates of our world. What better way to control people than to make them believe that they live in paradise, while in fact they’re slaves feeding the biggest machine ever built; the system. The system is one of the underlying control-mechanisms of the matrix. The matrix includes everything with the quality of existence and beingness. Everything in our reality, including dreams, feelings, thoughts, memories and the stories of the heavens, gods, angels, demons and aliens worlds. Everything.

Shamans, artists, visionaries, alchemists, sorcerers and all kinds of magical people steer this spinning blue ball into another place, hopefully with more possibilities and greater freedom.

In a way it’s the poets that failed us.
– Terence Mckenna

The imagination is a dimension from which we were cut of long ago. It pulls us back into itself. Traces of it are found in nature, in psychedelic plants, art, trance states and magical experiences. The singularity is when our world and the world of the human imagination collide and fuse. I think this will be an intense, fast paced and aggressive process, which doesn’t leave much room for human errors. A time of major global change when every single choice can influence the lives of many. This time it is our responsibility. Some see it coming for a long time already. Most people deserve it, you know.

Well, I don’t like this view. Plus it doesn’t make much sense. Only few people are alive, most are barely thinking or doing anything from the core of their being anymore. The observer changes the outcome of the experiment. We are the observers and life on planet earth is the experiment. By observing the observer collapses infinite possibilities into its one experience. For a world to stay alive, it must be observed. This is what’s happening now: There are many observers in our world who have only one eye half open, with their gaze directed to the great illusion;

…The Matrix…

History is coming to an end and this collective dream is crumbling to pieces. We are channeling the light or pure information of our universe to give birth to a New Era. The time of material magic will soon reach its highest peak. From then on we collectively rediscover inner space and merge with what Terence Mckenna called the attractor at the end of History. A great migration into the imagination will take place. A flipping inside out of the world as we know it. Bad people will go down to Hell, and good people will go up to Heaven. The metaphysical laws will dominate once again. Metaphysical is another word for spiritual. One of these laws is that whatever you feed grows. It’s weird how scientists make up words that mean exactly the same as already existing words like natural magic, the heavens, aliens, telepathy and god, but they call it modern science, the placebo effect, the multiverse, improbability theory, quantum entanglement and (particles, electricity or energy).

The true, the good and the beautiful.
Up next in the mix, a holy trinity of collective, intuitive understanding…
Stay tuned!

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