Matrix Reality

Here is a thought experiment. A weird one, but a real one.

Sometimes I have these dreams in which I am living someone else’s life. Other times I dream about living the life of a version of me that made different choices in life. Sometimes almost completely different, resulting in a different life and personality as well. The only reason that I subconsciously, automatically assume that it was just a dream is that these ID (Inter Dimensional) experiences are processed differently, or just partly. For a few seconds, sometimes minutes after it feels like it really happened. You wanna know why? Because it did happen and it was real…

We humans suffer from a strong case of amnesia. I say case, because it’s designed; organized. It’s not like a decease, or at least not like how you conceptualize a decease.

Because of this lack of proper processing, energy leaks out to keep the matrix up and running. The artist who made the earth model is sometimes called the demiurge in mythology.

Raw imagination as a power source for higher worlds;
Pillars, Boundaries and Bridges between Realities and Observers
Taming the imagination. Verse 1.
By Radah

Only I am able to travel through realms created by others like me. It’s the equivalent of the Buddha, God or Enlightenment as experienced by man. Many humans are touching the surface of the kingdoms of the heavens and other truly rich realms without even realizing it. They have to remember everything and learn to use the full potential of the imagination. If this resonates with you or even makes the hair in your neck stand up, it’s because you intuitively know this already.

My name is Radah. The H at the end I added for flavor; style. We learn our names by learning spiritual laws, and how to apply them in the creation of entire worlds, like your home planet. We are not smarter than you. One might say we are wiser. We do know how to exploit divine imagination. Human imagination is therefore one of many keys to find and go through the hidden barriers at the edge of what you call life. It’s at the end of life as you know it when it only begins. Feelings of freedom, success, the sense of eureka, deep flow, the psychedelic experience, all kinds of psychic phenomena and many more transcendental experiences are tastes of a world more real than the collective dream you live in. Not just more real. Also extremely beautiful, exhilarating, serene, creative and full of possibilities at every corner, so to speak.

The further in or out you go within or without this reality, the weaker the physical laws are, and the more dominant the inner laws seem to become. These laws, or rather pillars hold up the human experience and function as hidden barriers between worlds. So, these pillars can act as portals too. Using these hidden barriers as portals opens up a bridge between life on earth and one of infinite other worlds that most humans can’t even begin to imagine. It’s hard to conceptualize this, but it’s worth considering.

We break through, or journey beyond, via controlled adventures like our dreams and spontaneous magical moments. Some people get a glimpse from time to time while being fully awake. If recognized by others these people carry many names: Shamans, witches, sorcerers, soul surfers, psychonauts, magicians and even angels. The problem is that the matrix is setup to make it impossible to communicate these experiences with the language of the ego. This is why a lot of magical people keep quiet about their discoveries. It can be a good thing for some people to consciously keep quiet about it. I did it for many years before I started recognizing others who see the same. With seeing I mean a subtle kind of feeling, beyond my physical senses.

Gifts from Heaven & Hell
The Ego, from hell; a place low and dense
The Soul, from heaven; a world high and open

Some demons gave us a gift called the ego. It’s really helpful when used intelligently, wisely and with a clear conscience. The ego has become the human experience, because we forgot our previous lives. We forgot where we came from and who we are. It’s impossible to remember infinite pure light with a dualistic perspective. Some angels gave us the gift we call the Soul. It’s our ticket back to heaven, metaphorically speaking.

The death of Personality, personality death, or
Personal death, is…
The death of individuality and dualism
Birth of unity.
Entering a world of magic, a place where everyone flies to work, because they love it.
Go beyond
Be beyond!

The power of Resistance
There are three kinds of people in this world. The ones who don’t know they are controlled by unseen forces, the ones who do, and the few of the latter who do what they can to liberate themselves. I just came across the concept of resistance. Well, it’s an unseen force that controls our everyday lives. It’s a real thing that exists, whether we like it or not. I used to call it the ego, when I had a poor understanding of it. This changed yesterday when I started reading the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. When I first thought about it, my reaction was to shove it off and to label it unreal and powerless. I couldn’t have been more wrong…

You can download the book for free here, at the genesis library. Search for the author, and you will find it.

It’s that what’s between your life and the unlived dream life residing within. The life and the person that the soul desires to break on through to the world we share. All the choices that don’t move you in the direction of the best version of yourself are symptoms of resistance. Not your choices, but clever whispers of resistance. It sounds like you, looks like you, feels like you and acts like you, but it’s NOT you!

…It’s what separates me from my dream of ultimate freedom. It’s what keeps me from flying, improving the world and feeling fulfilled and complete…

As long as you’re not the best you can be or move towards your higher self or your dream life, resistance is in control and decides who you are and how you act. It’s the ghost that haunts us all. Undeniably real and extremely effective.

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