Flow and Tao

Tao or the Way
Lesson 1

The way, or Tao

Don’t attach to the highs or lows of flow. What many of the greatest philosophers, artists, dramatists, scientists and geniuses found, is that the base of ‘the way’ is right in the middle, between Awe and Terror; having one foot in ‘order’ or in ‘that what you know’, and the other in ‘chaos’ or ‘the unknown’. The yin/yang symbol portrays this perfectly, with one side symbolizing order and the other side symbolizing chaos. Having one foot in order, simply means that you can take your previous lessons with you and let them guide you in the unknown, or chaos, where all new things are.

This explanation is possible because of the great work of Jordan b. Peterson; a genius of our time.

Lesson 4
Resilience – Antidote to resistance

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from a rough experience or even trauma. Emotional and mental flexibility are a big part of resilience. In many ways it can act as an antidote to resistance. Flow deals with the high of the state itself and the necessary low of recovery. Someone who is very resilient moves through the struggle stage and recovery stage much more efficiently. That doesn’t mean it’s easier for them. It might be a bit easier, just because they did it before and know how to do it again. What I mean to say is that no matter how resilient you are, it still takes inner work to get through rough experiences. Any high performer in any field knows that resilience is necessary to keep pushing and improving themselves.

Psychedelic experiences & Extreme activities
People who go to extremes, like action and adventure sports athletes or adventurers like myself, often love psychedelic journeys, because they can reveal infinite possibilities, where normally boundaries are met with resistance…Psychedelics dissolve our artificial constructs, which in essence are all boundaries.

What does it take to consciously create?
It takes courage. Here is why:

Creating things that originate so deep within you really feels as if entities whisper ideas in your minds ear. Maybe it does come from another dimension. I like to believe that, because it makes perfect sense if I look at my own experiences with the muses, or the guides of the land of the imagination. To think what you’ve never thought before, to feel what you’ve never felt before and to do what you’ve never done before. That’s the purest form of creation and exploration. When creativity collides with courage and good will, the best ideas are born. Part of the work is exploring the great unknown. To go where no human being has ever gone before, and to bring back the artifacts found in the depths of the abyss.

The real challenge starts when you return home to base reality. With flow, you need to go through the recovery stage, in a similar way creative explorers need to express what they discovered in the rabbit hole of life. This can be done in any way imaginable. You can even develop an entire new art form to share your message. Go crazy. Go nuts. There are no rules, but the ones you accept or create for yourself. Especially when it comes to being creative. Extremists (people who explore extremes of any kind) and creatives have one thing in common, and that’s their innate desire to push themselves past their limits, only to realize there are none…

Ultimate Freedom.

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