Everything is Possible: Enjoying the Matrix

Last night I watched the Matrix. The last time I saw it was before I started to explore other realms of reality and states of consciousness. It was time to refresh my memory. Everything is possible. I really believe that. A lot of things are impossible too. There’s no contradiction here. It’s human nature to scan for contradictions. Even if they’re not there, we find a way to find them. That’s how creative we are and how powerful the human imagination is.

I’m not sure if there are any limits…

Not for real anyway. They’re all artificial constructs that exist internally. Often it’s not even grounded in the external world. This outer world we call real, and the internal world is seen as a dream, or unreal. Fortunately there are some of us who are reviving this archaic worldview. That everything is possible doesn’t mean that everything is already done. In other words, everything is real. Phenomenologically every experience is equally valid, and thus equally real.

I just woke up from an intense journey across inner realms. Unfortunately the fire alarm woke me up, so I forgot my dream experiences. Most people don’t feel that their dreams are real, because they forget them. Often times they don’t pass through the long term memory mechanisms. That’s why dreams can feel like childhood memories. Did it really happen? Was it my imagination or just a dream?

I can fly. It’s hard, but I can do it. Many lucid dreamers fly. It’s great fun. Some might say, well yeah, but only in your dreams…So? It’s still my experience and the experience of many others. Are you saying it’s not a valid experience? I treat it as it is: A real experience. A journey, a ride or whatever you like to call it.

I think people hope that their deepest, dirtiest and darkest fantasies will come true one day, because deep down they believe it’s possible. The problem is, often times nothing changes when it does manifest physically. Especially when your desire doesn’t come from your heart, but directly from your penis or your vagina.

Taboos keep artificial boundaries in place, yet they can dissolve them too. It’s up to you what you make of it.

One time I was in a simulated micro-dimension, I’m guessing parallel to this one. I tripped earlier that day. It was a powerful adventure. When I came down I was completely dehydrated. I was surprised I made it all the way to my friends house. There I could rest, so it was important to get there. Upon arrival I soon realized he was in the middle of big cleanup. He was moving to a cave, so the house was full of friends and acquaintances who helped him to organize his stuff. Not the best timing for me. I needed water and sleep. I mean, I was empty. Completely drained. When I entered the living room, I was sure I was going to pass out and fall to the floor. Somehow I made it to a comfortable chair. I signaled another friend who seemed to notice me. He knew I needed help, so I asked him for water. It took me all my last energy to utter a few words…

A few hours later, I tried to sleep. I was sober for hours already. Just completely drained. I couldn’t fall asleep. I kept feeling these electric shocks in my neck.

At one point I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or not. Everything seemed the same, but something didn’t feel right. I did all the reality checks I know, but none of them told me I was dreaming. I entered the living room. Everyone seemed to be tripping balls. I was shouting to check if they could see me. I was screaming, but nobody seemed to notice. The same friend who helped me earlier seemed to notice me, but he pretended that everything was fine. Later, my friends dog came to me when I tried to sleep. At that point I was desperate to know. I was clearly awake. I mean, I was conscious and I felt how I normally feel when I am awake. Still, I was sure that I wasn’t in my friends house. I was also convinced that it was not a dream or a hallucination.

I touched the dog. He didn’t seem to care, so I pinched him. Then, I hit him. Softy at first. He seemed unaffected…Then I hit him harder and harder. I was terrified, because it confirmed the spookiness of it all. The dog, he wasn’t real!

I went to the bathroom. It felt like I was there for a few days, being in this simulated loop. Or whatever it was…If I was in my friends house, with all these people there, for sure they would tell me that I went insane. The next day I asked them if they remembered me screaming at them, or anything else out of the ordinary. None of them knew what I was talking about…

What I’m saying is that I am convinced that I was in a kind of simulation of my friends house and everyone in it. A total fabrication, or what the Pleiadians call a holographic insert. What I want to know, is how to create one myself. It’s a shame that many of these kinds of experiences are so hard to repeat. It just happens, often when I least expect it. What was also weird, is that this journey started long after I came down from the trip earlier that day. So, I’m not sure if it was triggered by the LSA seeds. I don’t think so, but it’s possible.

Did someone or something create this micro simulation I was in? Or was it a spontaneous, random glitch in the matrix? I experienced many of these glitches, so I want to know. Everything is possible, but I need to know how!

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