Psychedelic Liberation

Way too high to fly wisely
What is wisdom anyway?
Is it to do what’s right?
What is right?
What does it mean?
Meaning, what is that?
Some say you’ll find meaning in life when you do the right thing.
Knowing the difference between good and evil, and choosing the highest good.
Like superheroes, but in this world.
What happens after you found meaning in life?
Well, nothing special really.
It can be that you feel better.
Maybe worse, because you expected to feel whole again.
All I’m saying is; nothing is important, love is everything and I know nothing. I heard that in a song. Great lyrics if you ask me. It starts with nothing and it ends with nothing. What is love? I don’t know, but I have a pretty good idea. I believe I felt it and even shared it at times.

Like so many things in life, love is great.
Nothing special.
Like happiness, health and a positive attitude. Great, great and great.

You can choose your own values or anything that gives you the motivation and drive to live. You can choose to be nihilistic, faithful or use any other artificial system. Whatever suits you best. In some ways I am nihilistic. In other ways I am faithful. Sometimes I wish I could be a hardcore nihilist, because then I could justify being evil. Now I can’t. I’m not evil, but I do bad things. Nothing crazy normally, but still bad. Not evil, but just bad. I buy things from supermarkets, I watch porn, sometimes I lie and I don’t take good care of myself. I like to say that I do my best, but to be really honest, often times I don’t….

Embodying the mystery of existence and embracing the possibility that I don’t know anything can feel very freeing. Still, there seems to be a kind of consistency in the external physical world. I can’t really ignore or deny that. Well I can, but I don’t like the consequences.

For me this kind of psychedelic thinking helps me to cope with the state of the human world. It also helps me to feel happy and free. Everything is an illusion. In other words, anything can be anything. Nothing is important. We don’t know who we are, where we came from and why we are here. Who are we to think that we can know what it’s all about? How it all works and what’s important. They’re all concepts. Every experience is valid and equally real.

Today I repeated this to myself, that I know nothing, and I can do whatever I choose to do. I felt so much lighter. I was smiling a lot, made people laugh and took care of myself. It’s a good day. I feel grateful.

Did you know that people who practice gratitude are much happier? With practicing I mean making time for it, and putting the ego aside for a moment of thankfulness. I feel like this whole project we have going on here is a little chapter in an infinite story. Earth VS Humans, the simulation. Humans have video games. Fourth dimensional beings play with simulations. Well, that’s what I like to believe.

Imagine that. Children creating worlds as a way to play. Insert rules here:____. Choose universal laws. Name of world:____Earth_____Choose Conceptual Structure(s) and/or artificial boundaries: *Linear *Time *Taboos *Space *Feelings *Grubbles *Carbon based life *Imagination driven universe *Intergalactic *Star-tribe *One dimensional *Anti-dimensional *Inverted *God Mode *Robot Mode *No end Mode, and so on and so forth…

We still have that kid inside, waiting to play, to get out of the box and to create realities, shape perceptions and build worlds.

Well, I feel that sometimes. I don’t know about you.

Way too high to fly wisely.
Some people smoke to get away from their thoughts. Others, like me, like an intense thought trip. Sometimes it’s more psychedelic than other times. Depending on the set and setting it varies what kind of journey I prefer. Now I am inside. My inner TV is on. That’s the best way to describe it. Interdimensional TV or Multiversarial Hologradio. Yeah, I know, the last one sounds a bit weird, right? Not the normal human style of dressing up spiritual realms, I admit that. It could be more disgusting, even less creative. True as well.

Where lieth the bar? When we crosseth that precious boundary? I ask thy, god. If thy exists! Hear me!

Just imagine the sentences and their meanings melting together. Blending like you never saw something come together. A dance of seemingly random words. Random unfinished stories. Is his mind really that fragmented, or is the author seeing language from a cosmic perspective? A daring attempt to layout the entire core structure of every language on planet earth. What is between or behind the words? How can I write in such a way that people like you get sucked in, maybe without even realizing that none of this makes any sense. Or does it? Does it matter? Enjoy it! Enjoy the ride. As we break through layers and layers of reality, you will see how little is left to worry about. Simply because you don’t know much, if anything at all. What if this thing we call life is just a Virtual Reality game played by infants on a luxurious alien spaceship? If we are lucky, yes. It can be that some poor aliens from a fifth world planet found a handheld game console in the trash, called Planet Earth and the Earthlings. They might play us into existence right now.

…Let’s pray for a better tomorrow, and bless our Alien benefactors…

Who or what else could be responsible for such a weird world? I mean the stone age made sense. A lot of sense compared to this day and age. A generation I call the Pocket Life Generation. Always hooked up to the Human Mind Cloud called the internet. We are already living in symbiosis with technology. People who are born now don’t know any better. They feel as if it always was like this. Everybody has a smartphone these days. Imagine a life without it. That’s hard to do for many people…So let us remember that this is the first time in our human history that the world is changing from the inside out, completely. A great planetary cleanup army is coming our way. The good ones will be taken back home. Back to where we came from. Heaven.

I don’t actually belief that, but I like to seriously entertain myself by convincing myself to believe such a story. Just for a moment.

Maybe now I know what it’s like to hear voices, or to see ghosts. I have a pretty good idea at least. I didn’t stay in it longer than two weeks. Well, in, out and back in, outside of my control. Probably the scariest and most painful experience I ever had. Why did a part of me drag the rest of me into this madness? Perhaps I was possessed. Maybe a part of my reptilian machinery expanded and hijacked the main control room. It’s insane, because the ego doesn’t like this at all. You would expect that the ego will be there to help you survive. One little program in the mind can have the power to freeze your ego and infiltrate the control room to hurt you. Potentially kill you.

No wonder people used to call this possession. Now we call it a disorder or even a chronic sickness. There is no such thing as chronic anything. There are too many exceptions to accept such an idiotic concept into our reality.

That’s it for now. Enough with the experimental writing exercise. I hope you like it. If you don’t, that’s fine. I don’t know if I like it to be honest. It’s exhausting to read, and I wrote it…If you do like it, please let me know. If you made it this far there’s a big chance that you are pretty nuts, maybe confused, or wonder how you got this far.

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