Strange kind of Prophecy

Maybe technology is not evolving or getting smarter, but people are devolving and getting dumber. I don’t know anyone that can make a smartphone, a vacuum cleaner or a microwave. Not even a house, a bed or a fire. OK, I know some people that can do that…There are a few geniuses that keep pushing technology into uncharted territoty. Soon we’ll enter that new territory globally; as a species. Technology is what’s speeding up our world. We can barely keep up with our own creation. It’s a lifefrom and it seems to open portals and split the world into many different timelines. That’s one possible outcome of the technological singularity. Technology seems like a direct extension of the collective human mind.

Part of the global human mind is out there, incarnated in technology.

The technology you use greatly influences which world or timeline you’ll enter. What music do you listen to? What kind of news and movies do you watch? Do you watch national television? Or did you already go international, interdimensional or even cosmic?

If cosmic, good for you.
Good for you.
I willl upgrade to an inbetween dimension.
Nowhere in particular.

To be clear, I’m playing with ideas here. Still it makes as muxh sense as the big bang theory, the american dream and living in a house on the beach somewhere on a private island.

Pocket life generation, where do we go?

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