Mad Human World

One page describing what’s wrong about the human world. Honestly written, without judgment. The truth of the external world as it is. To remind myself of the world I live in, and to remind others as well. To change the world we first have to know the world as it is. To start I have to be clear about one thing. I love the natural world. I love this planet. It’s beautiful and perfect in a way. What I am talking about is the artificial, human world. Unfortunately it’s almost everywhere. Native people are being manipulated and bribed to live this fake American Dream as we speak. So, let’s start…

I know why people don’t make art, music or dance how they want to dance.

It takes work. Inner work. You have to let go…There is no space for that in our society. It’s built on the assumption that there is no inner world. Now that’s the highest level of blasphemy if you ask me. All true and universal values are found in this inner world. As long as the system is the way it is, and we don’t create more space for inner experiences, I am afraid we have two options. Improve as a species, or keep on killing ourselves, each other and the planet. Not killing in we are used to, but in slow motion, by following the herd.

The easiest way to kill yourself is to do what everybody else does. This is especially true when we obey the system. When you pay taxes, have a passport or work under an official contract, you obey this system. By doing this, you feed everything that’s wrong in the world. Everything that’s wrong in the world is caused by humans. Well, that’s my opinion anyway. There seems to be only a few universal laws or patterns. The most important one I know is that whatever you feed grows.

The problem with the system is that it’s so complex that you need intelligence to really understand it. I don’t say that the purpose of the system is bad, but it’s effects on everything is horrible. The biggest issue in this society is that there’s only one way to live, act and to be. All other ways are either illegal or nearly impossible. And I mean illegal, not wrong. I lived a very good life in a cave and we had a great little family of amazing, open minded and openhearted people. Simply because it’s illegal, there only has to be one idiot who doesn’t like the sight of it to take families apart, take children away from their parents and to literally destroy peoples homes. I experienced this first hand in Europe for crying out loud.

In many ways we still live in the middle ages. I don’t think we evolved since the invention of agriculture around 11500 years ago.

Many good solutions to a lot of the worlds greatest problems are illegal. People are manipulated into believing it’s wrong. Cannabis and other psychedelics are perfect examples. Luckily, because of the internet many people know cannabis can be used to heal, make building materials, fuel, ropes and many more things. All of this without destroying nature. It grows really well too. It’s truly a miracle plants. Psychedelic mushrooms and DMT are used to treat alcoholism, depression and even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It works so well that they had to make it illegal for the pharmaceutical industry to sell us their poison. Not just that, the anti drug campaigns and all the propaganda was needed to manipulate the masses. They might as well have called it the anti health campaign or the anti think for yourself campaign.

We are born free into a world of imprisonment and enslavement. A world of destruction, where lying is normal, most children don’t learn anything valuable and being a good person can be dangerous. It should be the other way around. We live in an upside down world. It’s interesting how hell sometimes is portrait as an upside down world. Well, it makes perfect sense…

In ancient times, the land connected us. There was no ownership and we had to respect it, if we didn’t want to. People generally took care of the land, because they knew how important nature is. I mean, we are productions of nature, the same way plants and animals are products of nature. When we introduced ownership of the land, this natural harmony slowly died out.

What else is wrong in the human world? I summarized the core issues, but I would like to end with a bang. Aah, maybe I know something.

Just wake the fuck up will ya!
Wake up!\
Stop dreaming for a minute, and see the world as it is!
We still have a chance to redeem ourselves.
Everything can change!
Everything is an illusion anyway!
Better shape it positively!
Wake up,
wake up,
wake up…

Is that motivational enough? I don’t want to spread fear or to force anybody to live a normal, healthy and beautiful life, so I did my best to be objective. I added some personal opinions, but I let you know when I’m being personal. If you have anything to say about this description of what’s wrong with the human world, please let me know!

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