Itjing oracle Magic

For anyone interested in the invincible landscape of magic and so called paranormal experiences, I highly recommend exploring the Itjing. I am very skeptical, especially when it comes to spirituality. Anything invisible should be treated with an open mind and a clear head. On the other hand I believe that everything is possible. With that I really mean EVERYYTHING.

I’ve tried some oracle systems like the tarot and eehm, I forgot the other names…The point is that the only one that amazes me every single time is the Itjing. I’ve also had some incredible experiences with tarot cards, but it wasn’t consistent at all. It’s important to say that I feel it’s a personal thing too. Maybe the Itjing works well for me, and it doesn’t for you. Also, there must be some kind of power in the years, intentions, amount of people and what kind of people used it. This is what I strongly believe at least. I am tempted to say that I know this, but I don’t. Maybe this is my intuition.

Terence Mckenna inspired me to try out the Itjing. Some of you might know him.


Deepware changes
Deepware changes is a free android app that basically is the Itjing, only digital. It is really the same thing. The fact it’s digital doesn’t have to make any difference whatsoever. It’s all about how you use it. When you use positive intentions, focus and a clear heart it should work just like an original Itjing that’s thousands of years old. The energetical field of the Itjing, for the lack of a better word, is beyond the physical world. With energetical field I mean the power stored by the usage over time. You can tap into this power within the energetical field by using things like the Itjing, which has a long history behind it. I firmly believe there is great power in a kind of tradition. Not the traditions we are generally used to, but the ones practiced consciously.

You can get started for free if you have a smartphone with android and access to the internet. Otherwise, you can probably find a website that does the same in 3 minutes. I just love this app, because of the stories it uses to reveal wisdom. It’s also a good way to learn new words, because it utilizes many interesting words that otherwise need many words to describe the same meaning.

This is it!
In this example of a reading I did you can get a good impression of the app. The question I asked was: What’s the best way or approach to travel again. With traveling I mean without money, going south, following my heart and staying strong and clear. It can be incredibly tough. I did it before, but I lost trust in myself…Anyway, the answer is in the picture below, and it deeply resonated with me. Also it described my current situation very accurately.






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