Kundalini and spiritual awakening

kundalini snakes
Kundalini Visualized

This article is to explain what kundalini is in my experience, and the experiences of so called masters who can awaken this kundalini energy in others with a single touch. I found that nearly every video I saw about kundalini is actually about spiritual awakening. In fact, they are completely different things.

I think that you can awaken in infinite ways. Kundalini, the rising of a serpent-like, super powerful energy, is just one way. It can and most likely will challenge people spiritually, because it’s a powerful spiritual experience. But, in my experience, this powerful energy going up and down my spine like a snake is a very physical sensation, and quit physically demanding.

I believe that when you have a kundalini experience, you will know it, without a doubt. You might even google for energy in spine or snake like energy going up in spine. Just because that’s literally what it feels like. At least, in my experience. For sure there is a spectrum like with any other experience. One friend can feel his kundalini energy when he focuses intensely. When I smoke a strong joint it sometimes does the trick. The last few months I’ve been exploring weed induced kundalini. It’s hard to predict, and I waste a lot of energy when I do it. Still, every time it’s the same feeling, apart from the intensity. Because of this consistency I have a lot of time and space to work with it.

kundalini medical symbol

What can you do with Kundalini?
The first, kind of accidental psychedelic trip I experienced started with the rising of Kundalini in my spine. It didn’t take long before it went all the way up to the back of my head. It felt like it tried to break out, through the crown of my head. I tried to go with it, but there was something blocking it at first. Later it just broke through all the barriers, and I shot out of my body. I found myself floating above the community where I lived. My friends were sitting around the fire, only now I saw them from the perspective of a bird, from about 50 meters high in the sky.

This was just the beginning of the trip. Later on I went into other dimensions, I was hallucinating for the first time and basically went through the full range of psychedelic experiences in one trip. Little did I know at the time, but this was when I started to learn about Kundalini. At the time I didn’t know what it was. Now I know what it can be used for, but I’m still learning how.

First of all, it can be used to go out of your body and to see the world from every angle within your control. It can also be used to heal and vastly alter your physical body. This can be for better or for worse, because it’s a really powerful energy. I experience it almost like a separate entity or life-form, bur somehow I know it’s my own energy.

medical serpent symbol for kundalini
Universal Healing Symbol (kundalini)

Here is what I know and can imagine to be possible with kundalini practices.

  • Out of body experiences
  • Astral projection (explore the realm of ghosts and other dimensions, which exist just like our world)
  • Healing yourself
  • Healing others
medical serpent
Kundalini Symbol on an Ambulance

That’s what I know for sure. Here is what I can imagine.

  • Communicating with other life-forms in other worlds
  • Predict the future
  • Heal people on the other side of the planet
  • Live on primal, raw energy, without eating and drinking for long periods of time
  • Regenerate (regrow) bones, muscles and everything else in the body
  • Seeing energy

So, in short, kundalini and spiritual awakening are two different things that can stimulate each other. This post is more about kundalini, because I have somethings to say about it that I feel to be important. Like the fact that most videos about kundalini are actually about something else. Spiritual awakening or the signs and symptoms of that awakening for example.

The other thing is that in my experience there’s no doubt that it’s kundalini. I have a feeling that this might be universal. If you know anything from your own experience, please let me know.

Kundalini Yoga
Again, yoga and kundalini are two different things. Yoga is a spiritual and physical practice. It can stimulate spiritual awakening. One friend who knows a bit about yoga told me that there’s only one type of yoga, and it’s just called yoga. Also, the exercises I know from kundalini yoga are the same or very similar to exercises in normal yoga.

Plus, most kundalini teachers never actually had a kundalini experience. Maybe they did once or twice, but a true master can awaken it with a single touch like in the video above. If you want to learn about kundalini, the best way is to experience it. Unfortunately these masters are extremely rare. If you really want you can find one. Observe the master in the video to compare it to someone who claims to be one.

It’s simple, you know it when you meet them. You can feel it, and you can ask them if they can awaken your kundalini like demonstrated in the video.

Further thoughts and conclusions
There are certain exercises you can do to support or help to awaken your kundalini. It’s not limited to (kundalini) yoga. Basically all inner practices like breathwork, (lucid) dreaming, meditation, mindfulness, visualization and subtle body training will help. Kundalini generally comes spontaneously or after years of training. If you had one experience it is much easier to explore more. For me it helps to smoke a strong joint, preferably pure. I feel that this energy (kundalini) is strongly connected to pleasure and it’s very sexual. Maybe it’s really the primordial core energy behind everything. That’s why I believe it can actually regrow bones and other parts of the body. Maybe because this energy helped to shape and create our bones in the first place. This is all speculation, but it will be interesting to find out for myself.

Kundalini might even be responsible for so called medical miracles. It is said that it lies dormant in the base of your spine. It sleeps there, waiting to awaken and to rise up. One more thing I am curious about is the connection it might have with sacred secretion, and if there is a physical substance or chemical going up the spind during kundalini. If so, science might actually be able to help.

Click here is an interesting article about the rod of asclepius, which I believe is the same as kundalini. It almost seems like a big cover up of this ancient and incredibly powerful knowledge. Think about it, the symbol of kundalini is used for hospitals all over the world. If people knew how to awaken and use their own kundalini they wouldn’t need any hospitals. Just like back in the days, in a world, long, long ago…


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