Warming up and Preparation

Purpose of a warming up
It’s to warm up your body to prevent injuries. This is the oversimplified and materialist explanation. A good warming up is much more than that. A good warming up is quit intense and takes mental and physical effort. It helps to align your inner world, which includes your thoughts, feelings, memories, ideas and dreams, with your physical body, which is the expression of that inner world. A good preparation or warming up bridges the gap between your perception and your body as it is.

Infinite natural (primal) energy
Your breath for example, is closely connected to your inner world. It’s physical and partly non physical (mental). All the natural subconscious processes are half here and half there, so to speak. Your digestion, blood pressure, breath, heartbeat, healing capacity and so forth.

Using bodily practices like the exercises I share here you can change and improve these subconscious processes from the inside out. Using only your mind to change this is very hard. Change your inner world, and the physical expression (body) will change with it. In theory, it’s possible to keep all your energy circulating to the point you don’t even age anymore.

I’m convinced there are people walking around who are over 200 years old, or maybe much older. This is more an extreme byproduct than a healthy goal. Still fun to keep in mind.

What I recommend for every exercise, before and while doing them:

  • A proper preparation (warming up)
  • Conscious breathing.
  • Breath with the natural rhythm of your body.
  • Most people waste so much natural energy, like breath. Use it!
  • Focus on the connection between your breath and your body.
  • Stretching and exercising Mobility.
  • Observe your posture.
  • Follow the natural flow of your body.
  • Feel the tension and relaxation both internally and physically.

Different warming ups for different exercises
I hope to stimulate you to find what works for you, rather than following a specific method. If you practice handstands for example, it’s a good idea to warm up your wrists and to stretch every finger individually first. You will feel it when you don’t, so adapt. Your body knows best.

If you go running, it’s a good idea to warm up your legs, stretch your knees and so forth. You get the idea. I don’t prescribe a perfect method. No method is perfect anyway.

Click here for a few core exercises. Remember the importance of a good warming up and preparation!

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