Body-Mind Magic

A databank of alchemical core exercises. Well, that’s the idea. Over time I hope this will help me to integrate what I’ve learned through exploring and playing with my body. It helps me everyday. Usually I start and end the day with some of the exercises I will add to this databank. For me it works really well to enter and explore my mind through my body. I did many different sports, and took everything valuable and translated it into core exercises that I believe have a positive effect on many people. This is an experimental introduction to the methods I intuitively developed in the last ten years.

Awareness is the center and the main focus and purpose. I like the concept of mindfulness: It’s like awareness 101 or consciousness for dummies. The more, the better.

Secondly, focus and flow. Check this page for a free flow course.

Thirdly, balance and uniting opposites.
It involves focused, purposeful balance, which unifies the physical and mental awareness and activity. Balancing is a mental and inner practice. The physical body is merely an expression of your mental and inner balance, or the lack of that balance. A lack of inner balance is expressed in a blocked and/or chaotic physical body. An abundance of inner balance is expressed in a loose and ordered physical body. Ordered means having a high level of mobility, adaptability and freedom. This is of course relative to your starting point, or your natural state of mind and body, without special training.

Core principles of the exercises.

  • Consciously directed breathing.
  • An ongoing dance of tension and relaxation.
  • Bringing opposites together.
  • Intense balance and focus.
  • Aligning your inner and outer body.
  • Tapping into bodily intelligence and creativity.
  • Reprogram and improve your subconscious.
  • Mantras: Tell yourself what you wish to accomplish. Use it to direct attention and to focus.
  • Magic 8 pattern.

Freedom of movement.
The freedom and beauty of your physical body is a direct expression of you inner freedom and exuberance.

You know this intuitively, Remember that person with a big nose, small forehead, or with big eyes, strange lips and a funny face. Anyone who should be considered ugly, but clearly has that magical aura that makes them beautiful. We all met at least one person like this. Often they’re charismatic and charming. These qualities depend much more on ones internal world than ones external appearance. This is obvious knowledge, but formulating it can help to show the importance and dominance of internal experiences and activity.

…Physical flexibility often reflects ones inner flexibility. I can clearly see this when I look at my own body. I can always connect it to what I see, feel and experience internally…

Another purpose of the magical and alchemical exercises I present here is to rewire, reset and strengthen the relationship between your body and your subconscious mind. With practice this will result in your body doing most of the work. Your body will remember how to balance and heal itself for example. Like this you don’t depend on getting constant feedback from your subconscious mind, because it’s imprinted in the structure of your whole body.

It takes a while and a lot of repetition for your body to store this subconscious knowledge for the rest of your physical life. A personal example of this, is when I do a handstand. This move is so embedded in my body that I will never have to go back to the mental exercises I needed before. I did it so many times, that I can do a handstand any moment of any day. I just command my body to do it, and it happens. It’s like all the years of preparation and practice is finally stored in my body. The knowledge is all over my body. Not just in my hands, or in my head. It’s spread out.

When you make a certain move (or skill) your own, you easily make corrections when you need to. All this feels effortless, because you aligned your inner and outer body. Your mental mind and physical body are brought closer together to carry the energetical weight of the move (or skill) you made your own.

Energetical weight
Many people assume, whether consciously or unconsciously, that certain skills or physical abilities depend solely on the physical body. The truth is more the other way around. Your skills and physical abilities depend on and reflect your inner knowledge and awareness. I just made up the term energetical weight which refers to this inner knowledge and wisdom necessary to carry the physical expressions of it. For example, doing a handstand or backflip doesn’t require much strength or flexibility. If it were possible to download the internal knowledge of a handstand or a backflip, most people would be able to do it effortlessly. I saw really fat people doing proper backflips. It’s really weird that we developed this upside down worldview. When I write about it now, it makes all the sense in the world, but somehow we are thought that it works the other way around.

In many ways learning is like reprogramming and getting rid of inner noise and garbage. It’s not so much about obtaining new information or wisdom coming from some other place. We all have access to it all the time.

All the exercises start within, or use the body to access the internal world. They start with your awareness in the moment of practicing. The only level is the level a practitioner is at, at the moment of training. If you are ready for an exercise, you will know it when you try, fail, try again, fail; again, again and again. You only lose when you lose your purpose. If your purpose is to have fun, this will be your guiding goal. Frustration and failure are part of the process. There is no real joy without it. If you don’t enjoy it anymore, change the way you practice. Don’t abruptly abandon it. Face your ego. This is an ongoing internal battle. There’s nothing to prove. You are perfect as you are.

If you are not physically strong or flexible enough to do a certain exercise, work on that strength and flexibility first. This way you can create your own exercises. Use your creativity to create more possibilities for yourself. Free your mind!

Different planes of existence:
The earth plane, the body, the physical or material external world. The world of masks, symbols and representations.

The heaven or sky plane, the emotions, thoughts, dreams, memories and ideas of the fluid internal world. Also known as the world of divine imagination. The world of experiential truth, timeless communication, infinite possibilities, the imagination and meaning. Anyone who has access to this great gift of creation discovers a heaven within, knowing that one day others will see it too. Every act from love steers the whole universe in a positive direction.

Listening is the act of being still. In silence understanding and wisdom is revealed. Space holds all the secrets of the material world and much more. A secret and universal wisdom are roughly the same thing. That’s why we need an alignment of the inner and outer worlds in order to evolve as a species.

The only way to push our technologies forward from here, is to reconnect with our true nature. To learn about the elements of the planet. Experience water, earth, air, fire and consciousness. That’s what people call it these days. Before consciousness was called god, but now we like to believe we evolved, while in fact we just like to talk about this stuff. We are not really so much in the business of applying this amazing knowledge. The few who do apply it know that it’s a lifelong journey that takes everything you were, are and will ever be. What for? Well, fulfillment for starters. Which is like happiness, but it’s real and it lasts.

Let’s start with unlocking the body. By moving as freely and mindful as we can. Here is the first exercise. For some it might be very hard. For others it comes naturally. I would say it’s an advanced exercise. It’s not the easiest exercise to start with. Later I will add much easier and similar exercises. I called this exercise the Leslie, because I use this technique in many different ways. I made it my own, and keep discovering new variations and different ways to approach it. It’s good for so many different things. For your inner balance, physical core strength, joint mobility and flexibility, focus and awareness and probably more.


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