Coming Civil War in Europe

This video is just one example of the spreading madness.

My advice when it hits, is to recognize the sides, and to choose neither of them. Go your own way. Unless it’s your last option or when it’s for something truly good.

All the signs of a coming civil war in Europe are clearly here. I’m staying in the Netherlands at the moment. Even here people started to get out to the streets to stand up for the people. It might seem like a joke now, but it doesn’t take much for the mayhem to spread from France and England, where it’s already going out of control.

Innocent people were beaten up in the streets of Paris and London. Even peaceful protesters were molested and arrested. It’s a police state in certain parts of Europe already. I guess the French people have more fire inside, perhaps more courage than the Dutch. I’m not picking sides here. I feel more like living the natural way. No borders, and everyone taking care of the land first.

This is basically a warning of the coming Civil War in Europe. Soon, within the next 20 years or so (maybe way sooner, hopefully never). What it’s going to look like is hard to predict. I’m guessing that the people living in the countryside in many countries in Europe would not even know about it. I mean when it spreads to the villages, most people will be unprepared. A few well connected and intelligent people hopefully spread the word, and inform their neighbors.

It feels so surreal now I’m writing this. I just figured this out and instantly started to write about it. I put the pieces together; the major protests, the death of the news, slave labor in Spain and everything getting more expensive and everyone getting paid less. This excludes only the richest. They’ll will be entering the paradise we build for them. No single individual should have so much power without being chosen by all earthlings. It’s just not going to work.

I don’t know if it’s better if the government can control the chaos they created, or not. Maybe it will be partly controlled, and partly uncontrolled.

Maybe listen to the weirdos spreading the word of god. The word of consciousness. Some of us know what’s coming. All we can do is to spread the news. All I have to say is ‘take a goof look around’. The world is undergoing changes on a much greater scale than any other time in known history.

Remember, it’s not us against them. Or them against us. War is a government industry, just like the prison industry. A business. All we need is to be aware, and to follow our own path. If we participate in war and destruction all the energy goes to that business. Empowering them even more. With them I mean the richest of the richest, who look at the world the same way chess players look at a chessboard. The big difference here is that there are many more pawns, and the pawns are human beings, animals, plants and other elements of mother nature.

We are on the same side here. It makes me sick to see that so many people don’t realize this. It makes perfect sense. The truth is often very painful and terrifying. But, the only way out is through. How do I talk about this? I feel I got hold of a secret. Most people are not going to believe me. I hope I am wrong. I hope I am completely wrong, but I’m afraid I’m right. That’s why I share this with you. I want to travel again, but having seen videos of the riots I’m not sure anymore.

It’s harvest time. And the crops being harvested are conscious human beings. Freethinking, loving souls. The greatest threat as seen through the eyes of evil. The greatest gift as seen through the eyes of the good. It’s everywhere now. They’re shutting down the last well functioning, anarchist communities in Europe. Even the people living in peace, away from society are forced to live in society. I experienced this first hand. I think it’s about time that people become aware of this ongoing war. The second world war never ended. It’s just playing out on a whole other level…

Some sources:
Europe to crumble
Macron warns of European civil war
Cave life in Spain…(being destroyed as we speak)
Where I lived…(one of the last free places in Europe)


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