War on Consciousness

How to get what you want?
Posters and TV commercials were hard to avoid in LA. All for a seminar on how to get what you want. It was a weird seminar, really. The people who went there expected something else. It started with the first and only principle they used. And that is to believe that you already have what you want. You don’t need to do a damn thing, except for tricking yourself into believing that you already have everything you ever wished for. This is perhaps even easier than to actually get what you want. Who would want that, you might ask? Think about it for a minute. Is there any difference? If you’ll feel better by changing your perspective, why wouldn’t you do it? Any logical person would have to consider it when they’re confronted with this idea. It’s possible, and it’s an easy solution for susceptible people. Maybe you are one of these lucky people. Ask your doctor for a compatibility-check for the seminar treatment. If you exceed the intelligence limit of the local seminar, there’s one special program for intelligent seekers in every State.

The convincers in this strange line of duty managed to persuade over one third of the people who came to the seminar. This was only the first time they did this government funded psychological experiment. Soon after they covered most of North America. The overall happiness levels of the American people rose by 33 percent after three years of giving away these seminars for free. It’s not even a secret, and it’s all legal.

Now remember the luxuries we have in the western world. Look at the industries and corporations behind most of the things we need and are so addicted to. The food industry made possible by animal abuse and torture. Now they even poison their own people. Us. All for more power, and thus less for the masses. The laws made by murderers, rapists and slave keepers rule the minds of many. The clothing industry, founded on modern slave labor. The wars, genocides and other horrors are payed for with your blood, sweat and tears. Your work. Your money. I say you, but I am well aware that I am part of this war. I promised to myself and mother nature that when the day comes, I will fight for the light. Right now consciousness seems to be losing.

There is still hope. An AI super intelligence is on it’s way. In the hands of the right people this and many other technologies can help us to redeem humanity. One way or another, we need a solution. If we don’t fight for what’s right, we deserve to be swallowed up by the planet, so she will transform us into beautiful, divine art, once again. History in hibernation, or stand up and rise as one.

The story of the seminar is but one example of how the truth can be presented. Unfortunately most people are hypnotized. The tranquilizers used today are too strong to resist for most of the population. The chemicals in the food keep us week and asleep. Natural farming is illegal, and anyone who lives the natural way is prosecuted. I speak of this very moment. In Europe I experienced it first hand, as so many others like me. Some work in banks, others float around, living from the waste of the riches. Some seem to blend in perfectly, but haven’t turned their backs on our ancestors and mother nature. We are everywhere. Young, old, man and woman. Black, white, yellow and blue. This is a war that can only be fought with our hearts. Look though the masks and remember to feel.

We are all blessed with the gift of creation. It’s not meant only for the gods, for they intended for us to yield the loving forces of the imagination. 10.000’s of years of wisdom, knowledge, courage and love is here to support you.

It’s not a war against one another. It’s a war we have to win within ourselves. The ego is both a blessing and a curse. Our ancestors knew this, so they wrestled with it from time to time in order to stay on top of their game. Spiritual ceremonies were of great importance. Many natural techniques are lost, but people are looking for answers. Start with your intuition. We all know what’s up. We all know we’re in a great transitional time. In our lifetime I believe everything will change. Not just because of the speeding up of technological advancements. Also because of the will to revive our long lost paradise:

Mother Earth.

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