Past Lives VS Genetic Memory

Personal experience
Where to start? Maybe with the fact that I used to be afraid of fire. I was really interested in it, but never had the space to deal with it. My father worked with fire most of his life. To me he was some kind of fire hero. I saw him wave his hands in the fire, seemingly untouched by the heat. I had no reason to be afraid of fire. I never got burned or anything like that.

There were many reasons for me to be interested in past lives. When I first heard the word reincarnation it resonated with me. I asked my mother what it was, and she explained it to me. I have a natural talent for drumming and rhythm in general. I felt a strong connection with Africa, and African people for as long as I remember. It makes so much sense to me, the way they live. Maybe more so than the western culture I grew up in.

I also had my judgments on France and the french mentality. Why, I didn’t know. Until I went to France. There I learned that I know this mentality. I was there before. Bad memories deeply linked to France. It started to make sense…

At one point, a friend recommended me to do regression therapy. All I needed was to listen to this audiotape, which guides you through your past life or lives. I was very skeptical, but took it seriously. I had no expectations, but I was willing to open up doors that I might never be able close again. I was in my room, in the dark, lying in bed, as relaxed as possible. What happened after changed my whole perspective on life, death and the universe.

I was in Africa. Weirdly enough I saw myself as a woman. At first everything felt like I was imagining it, but one moment felt as real as any waking life experience. I saw my son being burned alive in a forest fire. There was no time to save him. The members of my tribe took me with them. The look in their eyes, their spears, clothes (well, more like little pieces of fabric that protect their genitals) and many other details were clear as day. I saw the primitive houses, or huts. The cups we ate and drank from and even the richer parts of Africa. I saw a lot.

It was around the year 1850. Later I did some research. Everything I saw was real. I even found a picture which looked a lot like the place I saw in my vision. A wooden bridge in Nigeria. Yes, I was experiencing part of the life of an African mother in Nigeria in the mid 1800’s. About a year later I found a book in the trash when I was dumpster-diving. It had pictures and drawings of Nigeria in the mid 1800’s. The people looked exactly like I saw them in my vision. This was the final conformation for me. On top of that I lost my fear of fire right after I had the vision. Now I wonder, was this my life? Or did I experience part of the life of one of my ancestors?

…One thing is clear to me. My fear of fire came from something before I was born. I conquered it by reliving the experience. Whether it was mine or not…

Ancient teachings versus modern science.
There are many others who tell similar tales. In some cultures they preserve this knowledge, and use natural techniques to work with it. To heal traumas is only one of many applications. You can also contact elderly spirits to ask for guidance. To modern people who lost all contact with the natural world this might sound outrages. But, there is more and more science to back it up.

They just call it genetic memory. I think they are describing the same phenomena. Ancient natural methods lack evidence, because of the abundance of experience. On the other hand, science has evidence for ancestral memory, and the possibility to inherit memories like fears and traumas. They need evidence, because of the lack of experience.

Micro and Macrocosm
Memory might be an important link or even a bridge between the Micro and Macrocosm. Not just the link to a personal past, but also to a collective web of possibilities. I think the right, scientific way to look at memories, is as packets of coded information that hold the full experience within it.

The key to decode and thus fully recall a memory is more like tuning a radio to a chosen station. It has more to do with resonance, vibration and frequency than with things we can hold in our hands. Memory is a phenomena of spirit, just like our thoughts, dreams and feelings. It’s a mistake to think we can find memories in the body. Even if they are stored in the body, we would have to look so deep that we will find another universe inside. This universe is called the inner world, spirit world, the land of the dead, astral plane and has many names sharing the same roots of direct experiences.

In short, the concept of (genetic) memory is just as complex and infinite as the concept of reincarnation. To understand it to the best of our ability we need as many perspectives as we can carry. We need experience, as well as a way to communicate the lessons learned. Science is but one of many methods to do this. I like to use symbols and drawings of diagrams and other representations. I would say I understand memory quit well, and I appreciate the scientific approach as well as the ancient phenomenological approach. Personally I prefer the phenomenological approach and the concept of reincarnation to understand memory.

The memory Enigma
What is memory exactly? Well, we don’t really know much about it. I think memories are codified experiences. They exist outside of time and space as we know it. The part of the brain that lights up when we recall a memory, I believe to be the result of tuning into a greater field where all memories are. Like thoughts, dreams and feelings, memories are also immaterial, ghostlike phenomenon.

…We can understand memory, but not only with a scientific approach. All that science achieved in the field of memory so far, is proving what we already know for thousands of years…

Cellular Memory
There are many stories of people, who after an organ transplantation experience a change in personality. As if they got it from the donor. One person became a fantastic artist after he got a new heart. It turned out that the person who donated the heart was a great artist. Some of these stories can be found in the video down below. Again, this highlights the interdimensional nature of reality, including memory.

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