Entity Encounter & the Interdimensional Bodies

As I dived deeper into the world of magic, at one point I had contact with an entity. I don’t know whether or not this was an entity with an existence and life of its own, or if it was a projection of something within myself. In either case, it showed me things that were far beyond my conscious understanding. It took me weeks to get a grip on it. To realize it had actual value, and I wasn’t just playing around.

I saw the secrets of magical systems like the system of the chakras and the kabbalah. Because I got a glimpse of the deeper workings and universal principles behind the interdimensional nature of reality, it was very hard to see the practical uses.

Without doing much research on existing magical systems, I started receiving pieces of a new, open source system. One that is not coded with symbols and words that only the practitioners in certain circles understand. This entity showed me what it feels like to experience the world from a four dimensional perspective. I was still very grounded in this dimension, so it was like having one foot in this world and one in the fourth dimension.

One question that kept coming to me is why is it that humans can only see one reality or perspective at the same time? Even very advanced lucid dreamers, astral projectors, psychics and shamans seem to be limited to a one sided perspective. A fourth dimensional being like the entity that was communicating with me can experience two or more perspectives at once.

The interdimensional bodies. A magical system in the making.
In our world there are four interdimensional bodies. The physical body, emotional body, mental body and energetical body. Some systems divide them differently, but I believe that in essence they describe the same thing.

…The physical body is the carrier of the mental and emotional body.

They are all connected, and can’t be understood as separate. All of the ID (interdimensional) bodies can influence one another. None of these bodies are concrete or solid. Hence the term ID.

…In the physical, third dimensional world the physical body is the center. It’s the reference point.

This model is based on the assumption that the world is fluid and that everything is possible. Anyone who willfully keeps diving in the rabbit hole knows this. The world is an illusion, a hologram. You create your own reality. Of course this is easier said than experienced.

More messages from the fourth dimension

  • By observing, the observer collapses infinite possibilities into its one experience.
  • Black magic feeds separations and dualities, whereas white magic feeds the unification and connections between those separations and dualities.

A lot of it is rather philosophical and theoretical. Unfortunately most of it seemed only valuable at the moment I experienced it. Valuable because it felt amazing and I learned that it’s possible to access realms beyond this one. I wish to become a true sorcerer. The problem is that I’m not ready to make the necessary changes in my life. I need to eat healthy, follow a natural rhythm and heal myself first. Also, I feel that I need some kind of brotherhood to reach my full potential. There are many easy ways to enter magical states and to explore all these amazing things, but they can be very dangerous. I used psychedelics, fasting, sleep deprivation and extreme sports. The healthier, more balanced methods I know are drumming, dancing and long term practices like meditation, lucid dreaming and even writing. Anything creative feeds the magic within.

I wish to find some fuel for the next post. I can do better than this, and I rather don’t post anything than something without value. Soon I will travel again. The plan is to get this blog going before the winter is over. Then I leave. Maybe south. I need other creative and open minded people around me. Most of the magical people I met keep floating. They don’t stay in one place very long.

In the meantime I continue with my dreaming practices and try to enjoy myself.


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