Best movies about real magic

What do I mean by real magic? Well, in short I believe all magic is real magic. The definition I use as a guiding force of this blog is ‘the bridge between the immaterial and material world‘. Every manifestation is thus a magical act.

This list is filled with movies about or including universal magical experiences. They often deal with the mysteries of life, personal synchronicities, archetypes and the power to manifest. These movies inspired me and I hope they will inspire you too. They gave me a sense of recognition and confirmation. I truly believe everything is possible. Without exploring unknown territory we might never experience the infinity of life. The movies presented here can awaken the infinity within. Even people who don’t believe in miracles can be positively triggered by them. I think everybody believes in miracles. Deep down, a part of each of us, knows that there is so much more than meets the eye. This to me is already a great miracle.

One more thing: Here is a website where you can download movies directly for free. If it doesn’t work because your provider blocked it, try using a VPN app. On my smartphone I use Turbo VPN, so I can still access everything.

Red Lights
This movie is packed with mystery. It left me wondering what really happened. The main theme is if there is such a thing as real magic done with higher powers, or if it’s all just a genius trick or a big mind game. It’s easy to watch and quit nicely build up.

The adjustment bureau
Love is an important ingredient in this magical movie. The writer played with the idea of god in a very interesting way. I believe the angels in the story are as real as they can be. Is it a science fiction movie? I’m not sure. Maybe fantasy? It sure is a clever and creative way they portray the idea of the inter-connectivity of all things.

A movie based on the Lucid Dream experiences of the director. I especially recommend it to people who are interested in lucid dreaming. Experienced lucid dreamers might take more out of it than someone who doesn’t know about it. Nonetheless, it’s a good movie with a lot of action. Leonardo DiCaprio does an excellent acting job as usual.

The matrix
Shaped around an ancient world view, that the world is like an onion, with layers of realities within it, going on infinitely. Another way to put it is that everything is possible. The main character is confronted with the illusory nature of the world he lives in. What is reality? Where are the limits of playing the game of life?

Holy flying circus
I’m excited to share this movie with you. If I had to pick one movie out of this list to recommend to watch first, this is it! I wrote about white magic, and how rare it is. This movie is a white magic performance in it’s totality. It’s hard to describe without giving anything away. Everything connects with everything. It’s the most creative movie I ever saw in my life!

A more ritualistic and religious magic is the core of this movie. It’s a real treat for those who know a thing or two about symbolism. It follows an exorcist played by Keanu Reeves, who desperately tries to earn his place in heaven by doing the right thing. It takes the idea of heaven, hell, angels and demons literally. It’s one of my favorites on this list. Truly unique. I can’t think of any other movie like it.

Peaceful Warrior
Suitable for all kinds of people, this story deals with the concept of meaning in life. The first word that came to mind is wisdom. It’s filled with universal and timeless wisdom. In short it’s about a guy who has everything going for himself. He is a great gymnast, get straight A’s in school and can be with any girl he wants. Still, he feels there is something missing. Then, he meets an old guy who works in a gas station. He soon starts to call him Socrates, and for good reason…

Sherlock Holmes
The power of simple observation and paying attention can reveal a lot about ones self and the world. To me, the idea of someone who pushes this skill to such an extreme is very magical. Also, both the first and second Sherlock Holmes are very good movies. It deals with spiritual elements of life we all recognize. Love, hate, trust, courage and the unknown, just to name a few.

Enter the Void
I wouldn’t call this a movie. It’s more like a journey or a psychedelic trip. There is no way anyone can describe it without being so, so wrong. It’s a very long movie, so you need to sit down for this one. If you choose to strap in, and take this ride, I highly recommend to make sure you have everything you need. Empty your bladder, have drinks and food within reach and watch it in one go. This is an incredible journey. One thing I like to add, is that many people worked very hard to make the incredible visuals. It’s a real treat for those who appreciate modern, visual art.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comment section down below. I was looking for a list like this, and I couldn’t find it. So I decided to make it myself. I hope you like it!

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