Online Dream Journal


Last night I was reading a book written by a friend. It’s called Behind the veil. I will go into this in another post. It inspired me to get back on the magical horse again. After being sucked into his amazing stories about archetypes, lucid dreaming and premonitory (predictive) dreams I had a lucid dream!

The idea of an online dream journal came to me. I like to write about (lucid) dreaming and to talk about it. So I just started. Enough with the thinking. On with the action! I even made a short vlog about last nights adventure.

I turned my weakness into a lucid dream.
This is one important lesson I didn’t talk about in the vlog, so I will describe it here. Basically, I have a soft sport for beautiful girls. More for intimacy and connection, but this is strongly connected to girls and sex. Often times when I become aware (lucid) of the fact that I’m dreaming, I start looking for girls. Last night I noticed that it also works the other way around. Obsessively looking for girls kept me from becoming lucid. As I described in the video, I was on the verge of becoming lucid when I was distracted by the girls around me. What I didn’t talk about is that I turned this weakness into a gateway to a proper lucid dream experience. With that I mean something more than just fun. I looked at one girl, she was really young. I got closer to her, and as I was about to jump on her like a wild animal, I realized she was a child…

This is when I became lucid. It also helped me to focus on what’s important. Right after this I decided to fly. While I was flying I was thinking to ask the dream for advice. To show me something that I can work with. Unfortunately I woke up in the middle of my flight. It was really fun and exciting.

Maybe I will share my experiences and lessons here on a regular basis. I feel it’s a great idea for me to explore the world of lucid dreaming. I learned a lot in the last years, and I feel ready for it.

Here is my first dream journal vlog:


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