Consciousness, Creativity and Happiness

A sudden thought came to me. Maybe as we evolved out of the animal kingdom, our creativity developed alongside our consciousness. Or perhaps the other way around. And now it seems like we ran our of creativity, and modern humanity is living on the creations of our ancestors. In other words, we produce less and less things that require creativity, while consuming our ancestors art. Nature produces everything we need and more, IF we respect it. We cannot be conscious without being creative. Well, that’s another thought that just came to me. There is a reason why artists and nomads play an important role in history. There is a reason people respect or even look up to artists and explorers who deliver timeless knowledge to the masses.

A very interesting thought.

Basically all the major technologies and everything else that shaped out world and way of life comes from a creative process. Many of it came to visionary people in their dreams or in visions. It can be intelligent use of creativity or just because it feels good and it makes us happy. Yes, this is actually proven. Flow, as some of you know, is an optimal state of performance that feels good. There is a whole area of science devoted to Flow. What researchers and master flow hackers found is that people are much more creative in flow. Even the days after people report an increase in creativity. Studies clearly show that happy and successful people experience more flow than unhappy and unsuccessful people. Plus, they are more creative. Click here for a Free Flow Course.

In other words, to be more conscious and more happy, we might NEED to be more creative. Maybe we naturally become more creative as we become more conscious. I think it works both ways, and it depends on each person which approach works best.

Consciousness, creativity and happiness seem to stimulate each other. It’s important to note that creativity in this context means to think what you never thought before, to feel what you never felt before and to do what you never did before.

Consciousness, Creativity and Happiness:
What is concousness? It’s the scientific buzzword that symbolizes the hidden knowledge of life, death and the universe. Maybe by studying consciousness, scientists will find out what we are, who we are, where we come from and why we are here…The alpha creator, big bang, divine artist, mother nature and god are more common synonyms for consciousness

Just like scientists took the word magic and turned it into quantum physics or the well known placebo effect, they also took the word god and turned it into consciousness. This is a very shortsighter summary, but you get the picture.

God as the ultimate creator. He who paints the canvas of life, with colors, feelings and an open mind. More like something we recognize and intuiitively feel deep withing ourselves than an almighty man up in the sky. A mother who gives birth; life. She doesn’t question why and how she gives birh. It just works perfectly by nature. When we started to question our selves and our bodies is when we started to doubt the invicible forces that run everything smoother than any machine ever could.

This brings us the the last piece of the puzzle. How to be happy? Some believers say that knowing god brings them happiness. I say that knowing myself makes me happy. Parts of myself might always remain a mystery, but in this darkness within lies only more of myself and more of the world.

Subconsciously we compare any creation or work of art with the productions of nature. Flawless she is. Why do many feel naure is feminine? Even many of my male friends feel this, so it doesn’t seem gender biassed. Maybe it’s because we left the spirit world behind when we became conscious as a species. On a cosmic scale it didn’t took long for us to go from becoming conscious to literally leaving the planet.

Creativity and Courage.
Creativity is often misunderstood. No wonder with the global lack of creative people and the unconscious consuption of natural and ancestral creations. Nature rawards courage. Terence Mckenna beautifully said that when you show courage, nature seems to make way for you and your path. Creativity takes courage. This is probably the most misunderstood aspect of creatitity. It takes courage to think what you never thought before, to feel what you never felt before and to do what you never did before.

This leaves us with four beautiful words that capture some very interesting aspects of life. Consciousness, creativity, courage and happiness. I hope you like the connections presented in this post. It felt great to write it. I let go of forcing myself to write daily, and then this came to me. Feel free to share your ideas, opinions, well educated complaints, love and questions!

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