What are the Akashic Records?

magic book white light

The Akashic Records is a tool to navigate in the world of the mind. The mind is everything that’s immaterial (= spiritual), including, thoughts, feelings, dreams, memories and idea’s.

What you generally find about these records when you do some research, is a bunch of nonsense. The idea is that it’s an interdimensional library, filled with all the information of the past, present and future. Including personal files of every person on earth. Sometimes people say it’s a library of vibrations. All really good idea’s for fictional stories, but I know magic is real. So I will explain the Akashic Records in a clear way so you can learn to use it to navigate the world of the mind.

big library

First Glimpse
A few years ago I had a dream. I was in a giant library, similar to the one in the picture above. Only much bigger. There seemed to be no books. Only empty shelves. My first thought was that the books were vibrating on another frequency. That’s quantum physics for ‘here, but not within my perception’. I had to tune my inner receiver so to speak. At the time I didn’t know much about these records. I remember one interesting documentary about Matias de Stefano, who claimed to remember his past life from long before he was human. The documentary is called Total Recall (see youtube video below). He said he used to work in the Akashic Records. This intrigued me, so the idea stuck with me. This was years before I had this dream.

Seeing worlds within worlds
Months after this strange dream I woke up one morning, suddenly able to see into other parallel worlds. Or as I like to put it, worlds within worlds. This was perhaps my greatest wish in life, ever. To be able to travel to, and explore other worlds. The reality is that we always do this. It’s just that a part of us keeps us from feeling and fully experiencing it. Everyone has a different perception of the world, if there is such a thing as A world OUT there. I like to see a person as a world, because they carry within them their perception of everything they experienced, are experiencing, and will ever experience. So when you walk in a busy street, you pass people who probably experience a completely different world than the one you experience. In other words, they live in a different world. We all live in different worlds.

…Every time you meet someone, it’s an opportunity to get a glimpse of their perception, which is the world they experience, and the world they ARE within themselves.

This never made so much logical sense to me as NOW I’m writing this. For me, the Akashic Records became a great tool to learn to navigate in the seemingly parallel words I was suddenly able to see. They were part of the world of the mind, because what I perceived was not material. It was immaterial in nature. The definitions I use for all the big words that relate to magic, are very important. Without it, you won’t understand what I’m expressing. Alan Moore, a comic book writer and self-proclaimed magician, introduced the term immateria. This is the substance that makes up the immaterial world (mind), like matter (materia) supposedly makes up the material (physical) world.

In this state I was really grounded. The visions I had of these other worlds were really hard to catch at first. Using the Akashic Records as a kind of framework to navigate, I slowly learned to crystallize my visions. As if my brain forgot all the crap it normally carries along. With all this crap now out of my way, there seemed to be infinite space, with infinite possibilities behind every corner. I believe this is always the case, but NOW I feel it. Again, as I’m writing about it I experience a mild version of it…

Let’s break it down
The Akashic Records is a very interesting magic system, like the system of the Chakras and many Musical systems. They are only helpful when you’re exploring the world of the mind. All these systems are encoded, and I can decode them. Unfortunately many people only live in the material world. Fortunately, those who desire to learn about it are very likely to encounter something out there that will change everything, forever.

In many versions of the story of the Akashic Records there is a creature guarding the information in this interdimensional library. In other systems like the Cabala this creature is called the guardian of the threshold. All fancy terms for that thing inside all of us that binds us to the material world. It also protects us from the dangers of the world of the mind. Remember, the world of the mind, spirit and immaterial all mean the same. This is very important to understand when you dive deeper into the world of magic. One must overcome the guardian of the threshold to explore realms beyond the material. This process is very personal. Anyone who claims to be able to teach this, is lying, or don’t know what they’re talking about. Only you can do this. Use all the help you can get. The more help the better. You are the only one who can go trough that door…

I think this is enough for now. I can barely keep up with my own pace here. This is perhaps the densest piece about magic on this blog so far. Let me know what you think and feel. If there’s anything you wish me to cover in a post, or even in a vlog, write a comment down below. You can ask me anything. The crazier and weirder, the better!

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