Spirit world

holding planet earth

The spirit world is the world that’s inhabited by immaterial things. Also things we all experience, like thoughts, feelings, memories, dreams and ideas. This world is immaterial, just like the things in it. It’s hard to describe, because it goes beyond rational thinking and logic. To me the spirit world seems to be intimately connected with the human imagination.

…The spirit of a person is something else. This spirit is a kind of inner drive and divine conviction that connects us to the spirit world. This personal spirit can be seen as an element of the world of the mind (spirit world).

…Ghosts as I understand them are the ‘ideas, feelings and other immaterial elements’ people associate with deceased people. In the end, the idea you have of a person survives after they die. Their inner spiritual aspects made them who they are, more than the body they carried with it.

In shamanism, which is the oldest science and religion, the shaman specifically deals with the spirit world. Shamans say there is only one decease, and that’s a disconnection from spirit. Healing deceases is sometimes called retrieving souls. This all means the same thing. Souls can be conceptualized as elements of the immaterial spirit (spiritual) world. Most people have experienced this natural healing method. I hope to provide the vocabulary for these experiences, because I believe that we need to talk about it.

…A loss of soul is a loss of connection. A lack of communication. The one miracle cure is what we always have access to…

Archaic impulse
All over the world people feel a big change coming. Many of us feel the need for a big change, and some are already anticipating the coming of a new world. In these transitional times we intuitively look for knowledge of the past. As if we know that our ancestors understood things we now need to save ourselves, each other and the planet.

I think that this knowledge people look for is the connection with spirit, mother nature or god. An intimate relationship with the unseen. We can really understand it enough to make a positive change. Why do you think many people find it so hard to use the word love? It’s not the word, but the infinite power behind it. Loving people generally have no trouble expressing love and saying it. I am convinced that all we need now is love. It’s everywhere, and we need to be open to receive it, and ready to let it flow.

Love is often masked as something soft or romantic. True love takes an incredible amount of courage. Like one friend once said: I really believe it can cure cancer. I would go even further and say it can cure all the problems in the world today. If love can’t cure it, nothing can. I sometimes feel a strong impulse to express the horrors of our world. In order for humanity to redeem itself, we have a lot of work to do. I mean, a lot. Everyone needs to be in on it. One person alone can do a lot more than people think. I see a very dark future if I look at things as objectively as I can. I also see a very amazing future if I feel love and use my imagination in a positive way. This is where it begins. Inside. It’s there where we can reconnect with spirit. Deep within ourselves.

To be enlightenment one must enlighten all beings.
– Inner worlds, outer worlds (free documentary)

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