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The power in Powerful Magick
Power simply means influence. If you gain more power, you have more influence over yourself and your environment. This in return can also make you feel more free. You know more, so you apply more. You apply more, and you do it better, because you know more. Universal knowledge, power (influence) and freedom (possibilities) are interrelated.

Principle of extremes
In alchemy the basic idea is to unite opposites. Some alchemists poetically call this process sacred marriage. The reason behind this is the secret to the most powerful magic in the world. It is shockingly simple to understand, but very hard to apply. Here is the principle explained in one sentence:

The most powerful magic is done by combining extremes and expressing them as one.

To explain this in the simplest way, let me give you some examples. I write a lot about magic. I explain the world of magic in a very clear and grounded way. Every level headed person who reads most of the things I write about magic HAS to conclude that it’s very real. Maybe even interesting and exciting. This is a very powerful act, because I combine extremes and express them as one. Using this principle you can reach people you would otherwise never reach.

One friend of mine was a bodybuilder. He was begging in the streets to pay for his lifestyle. He sat in the streets, nearly every day, with his dog. Next to him, he had a big bucket of bodybuilding supplements. People were intrigued by this. Sometimes other bodybuilders or athletes approached him, and he told them his story. Showing his muscles from time to time. On one extreme you have him begging. People generally associate this with bad health, drugs and even danger. On the other extreme people saw him and his dog being happy, healthy and proactive. He combined these extremes and expressed them as one. Because of this, he made enough money to sustain his bodybuilding lifestyle in an hour of begging a day. Other beggars on the same spot made close to nothing compared to him. They would sit there all day and make less than he did in one or two hours.

…I saw this in action. I even sat down with him a couple of times. It was truly incredible to watch and to be a part of.

It’s a lot harder to explain than I thought. It’s a universal principle that’s embedded in everything. When I figured it out I felt like I got hold of the most important piece of knowledge in the world. I could see it in very abstract ways. It was a powerful eureka moment that left me paralyzed. Only much later did I come up with specific examples. Slowly I brought this subtle abstract vision down to earth. Maybe one day I can make a practical course or method to help people to create their own ways to apply this principle of extremes.

Let’s go deeper
Imagine a kind person. Someone who is very disciplined, helpful and reliable. Now imagine the same person being able to kill 20 people with his body alone. He might never do it, but he has the skills to do it. His training routine is just insane. Doing 100 pushups on his knuckles. Even on two fingers. Swimming in ice cold water and breathing fire, or whatever crazy shit he does.

In alchemical and psychological terms we can say that this person seems well integrated. This is because of the alchemical marriage, or the uniting of opposites. Or as I call it, the combining of extremes. This interpersonal integration helps people on so many levels, throughout their entire life. To me, this is as powerful as it gets.

Now we can begin to get a grip on the principle of extremes. It can be used for external gains, like making money, and internal gains, like peace of mind and discipline.

Archetypes are essentially timeless symbols. They tap into the collective memory and biology of all people. Jesus is a good example. Well, if you’re not a Jesus freak and take this with an open mind. Jesus was a great person, who suffered intensely. Here are two opposites or extremes at work. On one extreme we have Good (Jesus), and on the other extreme we have Evil (that what caused his suffering). This is a good example of an archetype, because it’s a timeless symbol that can trigger the deeper parts of people. Other common archetypes are the fool, joker, warrior and the magician. All of these archetypes survived throughout the ages, because of the underlying principle of extremes.

”No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.”

…Carl Jung

One of my favorite quotes from Jung. It captures the principle of extremes perfectly. If you understand everything so far that means the world to me. Explaining this is a bit like explaining how a seed grows to become a tree.

To end this post I like to share a part of previous post that explains why jokes can be very powerful:

”Apparently a DMT trip can be described like the archetype of the circus. The weird, kinky, risky, scary and somehow funny without understanding why. They bring extremes or seemingly contradictory things together and present it as a unity. This reveals the power of a paradox. Reggie Watts, a professional comedian and all round creative genius said that he believes jokes work, because of this paradox (combined extremes). It elicits a certain tension in people, because of awakening an underlying mystical truth in the subconscious of the audience. Laughter is a great way to ease this tension and cope with the unknowable.”

Here is the full story.

I would love to know what you think. Please let me know if you find it confusing, or if you have any questions. I’d be happy to help in any way I can.

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