Magical Journey News & Visions

I’ve been getting more and more visitors to this Magical Journey blog. People respond positively and like what I write about. Thank you so much for the support! In this post I will share some great news and tell you about my long term dreams.

The biggest news is that SOON the URL will be Looking at the statistics, I realized I’m able to scale up Magical Journey to start making money. Which means more and better content for you! One thing I want to address is that I don’t need much money to live. Technically I don’t need it. I lived without money for months in a row. I decided recently that when I hit the 400 euro’s p/m mark, I am out of here. From that moment there will be a section dedicated to the ACTUAL Journey across Inner and Outer space. Here are some idea’s of the NEAR future of this blog. What I will be doing and sharing with you:

  • Better (free) content, including pictures of my adventures
  • Looking for a real native shaman to take the spiritual brew Ayahuasca
  • Sleeping outside or in a tent if necessary (I lived like this for a while)
  • Making video’s and documentaries about flow, movement, magic and other Magical Journey related topics
  • Help other seekers and travelers (I know how hard it can be)
  • Sharing ways for you to do the same

I devote one year to this project, full time!

The only way of life that makes sense to me, is to keep exploring, learning and sharing. I want to engage more with you, so we can have the feeling that we are on this journey, side by side. Exploring and learning together. I see now that distance doesn’t have to be an obstacle. The internet and other technologies are truly amazing if we use it well.

Many thanks!

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