Black Magic Spells & Techniques

First of all, what is black magic? In short, it’s anything you do that feeds separations and dualities. For me personally, and most people who have had some kind of transcendental experience, this separation is illusory. The conclusion people often draw in the moment of experiencing unity is that it’s more real than their everyday perception. Our ancestors saw great importance in these kinds of experiences. Call them spiritual, mystical, transcendental or psychedelic. Even though they’re all different, they generally share one commonality. That is that they connect us with something else. With nature, the divine or whatever you want to call it. Something perhaps infinitely greater than ourselves.

In a previous post I explained what magic spells are. You can read it here. In short it’s using language to help you to get what you wish. This time I like to expand this definition by including specific black magic techniques. In a way they’re still spells, but not only using words. Also using symbols and simple techniques.

I know there is a magic doctrine that uses different definitions and approaches called the left hand path. Maybe it’s smart to add that everything I write about are my own idea’s, formulations and techniques. Well, some of this information came to me while exploring the world of magic. The definitions of Black and White Magic for example, are not mine. They were handed to me by an entity who knows much more about this than I do. Whether this was real or not, I don’t care. This is how I experienced it. I learned from it and I enjoyed it a lot.

My main approach concerning magic is phenomenological and personal. This is the first time I openly share many of my discoveries. Before I only shared it with other seekers, sorcerers and witches in small circles. All in a very natural way. No doctrines, no rules, no covens. Nothing like that. Just doing it and sharing it with the right people at the right time.

Examples of Black Magic Spells & Techniques

The focus here is mostly on getting what you want. Please use it consciously and wisely! But feel free to bend it to you will. The examples tend to be more neutral or grey magic. In reality it’s extremely hard to discern.

This is a very basic magic principle or technique, which people often use without realizing it. A good example is when you forget something in your friends house. Sometimes this is your subconscious trying to get back to your friend. When you become aware of this, you can start doing it consciously. So, you make an anchor using an object that energetically links you to that other person. The object is the bridge between you and the other person. It doesn’t have to be a person. It can also be a place or whatever you choose.

What do I mean by energetical?
Everything has an energetical value or field connected to it. Scientists call (a part of this) magnetic fields or magnetism. Plants, rocks, rivers, animals including people, objects; everything. I call it the energetical body. This is a major part of a magic system I call the Interdimensional Bodies. This energetical body is connected to the memories of the thing in question. Sometimes it’s even connected to the memories and energetical bedies of the things in it’s direct environment. A memory holds the full experience deep inside of it. It’s a coded version of the full experience. If you know how to decode it, the experience can be relived, including the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.

Have you ever experience a kind of push or pull towards something? Like when you walk somewhere, and you feel a subtle push or pull, from or towards something in the environment. Generally speaking this is subtle, but it can be really strong as well. This often has to do with YOUR energetical body or multiple bodies connected to certain things in the environment. When something resonates with your energetical body in a positive way, it might feel like you’re pulled towards it. It’s not so black and white. That’s why it’s hard to explain and why I like to use the term Interdimensional.

I will go much deeper into things like energetical magic very soon. Many of it, sensitive people already know. I just formulate it. For those new to the world magic this can hopefully helps you understand these experiences, instead of neglecting or even forgetting it.

Wealth Magic:

  • Write down what you desire. This helps to let go of the wish, which seems to be very important.
  • A trick to let go of a wish, is to wish more and more things. This way you forget about it or easily let them go.
  • Learn about the secret or LOA, the law of attraction.
  • You can hang a coin (money) around your neck. Make a necklace out of it. If people subconsciously see it when they pass you in the streets, part of them will direct the idea of money to you. This idea can also be called energetical value.
  • Think of ways to manipulate others to get what you want. Find out what they want, and make a deal.
  • Write it down. Words can be very, very powerful. It’s common way people use to navigate and to get what they want.
  • Observe the behavior of successful business people to create your own techniques.
  • I know people who make hundreds of dollars every day, by asking people in the streets. Some of them are kind people, using very subtle manipulation. In the best case scenario, both the beggar and giver feel better aferwards.
  • Mastering the way you speak is another way of saying ‘finding your inner voice’.

In a future post I wish to share a universal magic system. This includes the energetical magic I introduced in this post. This will take a lot of time and work, but if you like the information here, I’m sure you’ll love that!

Let me know what you think and feel. What do you want to know about magic? I might make a post about it! Do you have any ideas? Do you like what I share? Comment, like and subscribe!

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